Rapper Yung Berg and Big Ass Model Jenna Shea Sextape…VIDEO HERE!!!

Rapper Yung Berg and Big Ass Model Jenna Shea Sextape…VIDEO HERE!!!


Model Jenna Shea breaks up with long term boyfriend Yung Berg after robbery. She is now rumored to be with Young Jeezy. Rapper Yung Berg was a victim of yet another robbery at his Mulholland Drive House in California. Model Jenna Shea and Yung Berg were together at the house during the robbery.

Jenna Shea witnessed him being pistol whipped and robbed at gun point in his underwear and socks with teary eyes in front of her. After the robbery she broke up with him because she feels he can not protect her and is the center of attention when it comes to being jacked.

For her safety she feels its better to call it quits. She is rumored to be dating a real man named Young Jeezy who as we know has not been robbed and can really protect a woman and himself.


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