(HOT PHOTOS) Wasilla, Alaska’s Lisa Kelly Returns for Ice Road Truckers, Season 4…VIDEO

Wasilla, Alaska’s Lisa Kelly Returns on Ice Road Truckers, Season 4, Episode 1 Premiere

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June 06, 2010
Roy A. Barnes

Ice Road Truckers, Season 4, Episode 1 premiered on the History Channel Sunday, which saw Wasilla, Alaska driver Lisa Kelly return for her second season. This season is to last some 90 days which is needed
to get those 2500 loads from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay (500 miles) and other places.

Season 4, Episode 1 of Ice Road Truckers also witnessed the return of Alex Debogorksi and “The Polar Bear” Hugh Rowland (at the end). The interesting character studies alone on this show make this History Channel program a must-see.

Two TV celebrity women hail from Wasilla, Alaska. One is considered by many a real disgrace to thinking people everywhere, while the other is Lisa Kelly. She leaves her dogs and wants to prove herself more this

She’s informed via CB that a serious truck accident occurred six miles outside of Prudhoe Bay, closing the road for hours. Lisa gets her first load, 50,000 pounds of trucks that have to be handled ever so carefully over the course of 15 hours to meet her deadline.

As she heads into Coldfoot, she’s running at 25 mph to prevent a blowout of her tires but is two hours behind. Her convoy partner driver Ryan wants her to swap trailers, which they do, but it leaves Lisa feeling anything but great. Lisa is the last to make it to Prudhoe Bay, and worries that she’ll be hounded by the Ice Road Truckers men and their “gossip” for swapping loads.



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  6. Lisa Kelly is the HOTTEST woman i have ever seen on TV IN YEARS…

    • If she’s the hotest woman you have seen on tv for years you cant have seen much tv, there are so many hotter women on tv, jessica alba,jennifer aniston etc etc

  7. since the very first time i saw lisa kelly i fell deeply in love with her.

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