Veteran Attacks Cindy Sheehan…Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, along with other protesters stood outside Nellis AFB, chanting in opposition to President Obama’s plan to deploy an additional 30 to 35 thousand troops to Afghanistan….

“We are supporting the troops and we want them back home safely,” said Meg Green.

The activists also sounded off against the use of drones, which are unmanned aircraft controlled and launched by soldiers at bases around the world. Cindy Sheehan, the California mother, whose son was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004 has been traveling with the peace caravan. But Sheehan and the group were confronted by a military sergeant at Travis AFB where the protest turned heated and was anything but peaceful.

“He got very aggressive with us. He pushed and shoved us. That’s not right,” said Sheehan.The anti war protesters say all troops should be pulled out of the region. And with banners that read “resist,” “refuse,” “don’t go,” we asked them about the message they are sending out to the soldiers.

“We’re telling them to use their conscience before they decide to go to war,” Sheehan added.

Ms.Sheehan,I very much doubt you are reading any of these posts,but I must commend you on your fight to end this war;however,I am appaled about how you talk and display your displeasure directly towards our servicemen and women.I am deeply offended by how you reacted toward the older war veteran and doubt very highly that even know you’re son died on the field of battle that he would not want his own Mother doing such things to his “War Brother”.Please,you need to be standing at the Pentagon….

Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate Version 2.0…Dave Lindorff OpEdNews November 29, 2009… Obama Was built to usher in the New World Order. if he knows it or not…

I once wrote an article about former President George W. Bush saying that he was a perfect Manchurian candidate. That is, if his missing year when he was supposed to have been flying fighter jets with the Texas Air National Guard was actually spent in the former Soviet Union being reprogrammed as a covert KGB agent whose job it was to go back to America, win election to the White House, and proceed to destroy the US, he couldn’t have done a better job than he actually did.

Now I wonder whether President Obama might not make a Manchurian Candidate of the Republican Party, or perhaps of some nefarious foreign entity—perhaps the China or the always-enigmatic Al Qaeda. How else to explain policies that have wreaked such destruction on the Democratic Party in Washington and on the nation at large.
Consider for a moment the history of this new president in whom so many invested so much hope and enthusiasm:

Almost immediately upon taking office President Obama announced that he was appointing Timothy Geithner, part of the Bush/Cheney financial team, to head up his Treasury Department. This is the same Timothy Geithner who, as head of the New York Federal Reserve, engineered the initial give-away of $85 billion to AIG, and the subsequent pass-through of tens of billions of dollars to a handful of the nation’s largest banks and investment banks—surely the largest theft of public assets by private billionaires in the history of mankind. Obama went on to name a whole gang of Wall Street crooks to run his economic policy, assuring that the recession would be not an opportunity to restore long neglected and undermined New Deal programs, but rather to crush workers and the middle class while shifting staggering sums to the wealthy.

Consider for a moment the history of this new president in whom so many invested so much hope and enthusiasm:

I’m not sure what the answer is to this crisis. Many people on the left are arguing that it is essential to abandon the Democrats and move to a third party. I think that’s a great idea. The Democratic Party has proved to be absolutely corrupt and beyond salvation–useful only as a sump pump whose purpose is to suck the life out of the progressive movement, such as it is. But I also can’t help noticing that the vast majority of the middle class seems still content enough to struggle on with the jobs they still have—the 80-85 percent of them who still have jobs—ignoring the plight of those who do not and of the poor. It was an observation made by the late John Kenneth Galbraith that the problem with modern post-industrial democracies is that the vast majority of people do well enough that they no longer care about the suffering of the minority of the population.

Ive thought this since the Obama speech in 04… Who’ pulling his strings???

Tiger Woods 911 Call AUDIO: Tape Released…Hear it here.. Tiger Woods had too much wood id say…

911 call from Tiger Woods’ accident released…

Tiger Woods “Accident” Story Just Gets More Preposterous By The Hour
The AP chimes in with this update: “A local police chief in Florida says Tiger Woods’ wife used a golf club to smash out the back window and helped get the golfer out of the car.” TMZ? More logical.

So according to the fine, upstanding, Windermere police department, Tiger’s wife, Elin, heard the crash outside their mansion and had the wherewithal to wisely grab a golf club before she ran out the door just in case she happened upon an emergency situation. (In Sweden, golf clubs are the Jaws of Life.) Luckily she did — because who knows what would have happened to Tiger had she not acted so quickly. Remember — he ran over a fire hydrant. Although plenty of wacky slapstick family movies use this as a cheap visual gag when they run out of other ways to emphasize a character’s bad luck, this is a dire situation in real life. He could have sat there all night, with serious-not-serious facial lacerations and possibly drowned. That’s why she smashed the back window of the SUV — the gallons of water violently gushing into the vehicle could have killed him instantly had she gone through the front windshield or tried to, you know, get Tiger to unlock the driver’s side door. She needed to climb through the back, grab her 200lb. husband by the collar and drag him to safety. Time was of the essence.

I guess Tiger got bored??? didn’t he learn from Lionel Ritchie??? well at least he wasn’t Phil Hartman…. too soon?

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