Three Navy SEALs involved in nabbing one of Iraq’s most wanted terrorists are reportedly facing criminal charges related to his capture — all because he claimed he had a bloody lip. A bloody lip? really? really? did you see what they did to Americans???

The SEALs took down Ahmed Hasim Abed, the alleged mastermind of a ghastly 2004 incident in which four American contractors who worked security for Blackwater USA, were murdered in Fallujah and two of the bodies were hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River.

But instead of being praised as heroes, the SEALs are all facing charges and have hired lawyers, reported.

do you see the dead Americans as they cheer ... yeah such a peaceful religion

So your telling me that we are going to Punish the brave Navy Seals who found this Scum… DO you see the burned bodies in the pic? Do you??? A punch in the nose… a punch in the nose … He should have been Burned Alive and Hung from a Bridge, while we cheered… Since when have we become so soft? SO wrong???

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  1. Hoorah!
    Get the word out.
    This Religion is not a religion that we want to equate to any other.
    Bless you for risking your voice. Be carefull. I’ve had people be very nasty. People that you would never think would turn against you, they do.
    But they are not really your freinds.


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