New Years Eve Blue Moon…Fact and fantasy about blue Moons…

Full moon is a blue moon on New Year’s Eve 2010

BY Tracy Miller

Tonight’s moon is the second full moon of December; the first occurred Dec. 2.

Though the expression “once in a blue moon” is used to describe extremely rare events, blue moons aren’t all that unusual, occurring every 21/2 years or so. But a New Year’s Eve blue moon is somewhat more remarkable — we haven’t had one since 1990.

Fact and fantasy about blue Moons.

by Philip Hiscock

“According to old folklore,” some people say, the second full Moon in a calendar month is called a “blue Moon.” They go on to explain that this is the origin of the expression “once in a blue Moon.” But it isn’t true! The term “blue Moon” has been around a long time, well over 400 years, but its calendrical meaning has become widespread only in the last 20 years.

A Variety of Meanings

In fact, the very earliest uses of the term were remarkably like saying the Moon is made of green cheese. Both were obvious absurdities, about which there could be no doubt. “He would argue the Moon was blue” was taken by the average person of the 16th century as we take “He’d argue that black is white.”

The concept that a blue Moon was absurd (the first meaning) led eventually to a second meaning, that of “never.” The statement “I’ll marry you, m’lady, when the Moon is blue!” would not have been taken as a betrothal in the 18th century.

But there are also historical examples of the Moon actually turning blue. That’s the third meaning — the Moon appearing blue in the sky. When the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa exploded in 1883, its dust turned sunsets green and the Moon blue all around the world for the best part of two years. In 1927, the Indian monsoons were late arriving and the extra-long dry season blew up enough dust for a blue Moon. And Moons in northeastern North America turned blue in 1951 when huge forest fires in western Canada threw smoke particles up into the sky.

So, by the mid-19th century, it was clear that visibly blue Moons, though rare, did happen from time to time — whence the phrase “once in a blue Moon.” It meant then exactly what it means today, a fairly infrequent event, not quite regular enough to pinpoint. That’s meaning number four, and today it is still the main one.

But meaning is a slippery substance, and I know of a half dozen songs that use “blue Moon” as a symbol of sadness and loneliness. The poor crooner’s Moon often turns to gold when he gets his love at the end of the song. That’s meaning number five: check your old Elvis Presley or Bill Monroe records for more information.

And did I mention a slinky blue liquid in a cocktail glass, one that requires curaçao, gin, and perhaps a twist of lemon? That’s number six.

Rush Limbaugh NOT Dead – No Heart Attack…felt similar pains…

Rush Limbaugh felt pains similar to heart attack

By AUDREY McAVOY, Associated Press Writer Audrey Mcavoy, Associated Press Writer – 20 mins ago
HONOLULU – Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh remained hospitalized in Hawaii on Thursday after experiencing chest pains similar to a heart attack, according to the guest host on his nationally syndicated radio show.

Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital Wednesday during a vacation.

Guest host Walter E. Williams described Limbaugh’s pains as similar to the feeling of a “heart attack coming on.” But Williams said doctors haven’t confirmed whether the 58-year-old had a heart attack, and more exams were planned Thursday.

“Rush continues to rest very comfortably in a hospital in Honolulu this afternoon — actually it’s morning out there,” Williams said. “He had a comfortable night and he’s getting good medical attention.”

Williams, an economics professor at George Mason University, was already scheduled to fill in on Thursday while Limbaugh was on vacation.

Kit Carson, Limbaugh’s chief of staff, told The Associated Press Limbaugh left for his Christmas vacation on Dec. 23 and was due to return to his show Jan. 4. Carson didn’t have any information on whether that schedule would change.

Limbaugh broadcasts from his mansion in Palm Beach, Fla.

Honolulu television station KITV reported that paramedics took Limbaugh to The Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition from the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

The report said that Limbaugh was seen golfing at Waialae Country Club — a country club next to the hotel — earlier this week.

With his sarcastic putdowns of liberal policies, parodies and self-promotion, he began capturing conservative listeners in the 1980s and grew to become the highest-rated radio broadcaster in the U.S. Recently, he’s found a renewed purpose and has boosted ratings by railing against Barack Obama’s presidency.

His three-hour weekday show is heard on some 600 radio stations across the country, and more than 14 million people listen to him at least once a week.

Americans said in a poll last month that Limbaugh was America’s most influential conservative voice.

In 2001, Limbaugh reported he had lost most of his hearing due to an autoimmune inner-ear disease. He had surgery to have an electronic device placed in his skull to restore his hearing.

Two years later Limbaugh acknowledged he was addicted to pain medicine. He blamed the addiction on severe back pain, and took a five-week leave from his radio show to enter rehab.

On the Net:

Rush Limbaugh:

Exclusive: Obama, FBI Silent On Plane Bomber’s Terror Accomplice

Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flight 253 eyewitness Kurt Haskell has astoundingly revealed how the FBI are deliberately hiding the existence of a second man who was arrested following the Christmas Day plane bombing incident after bomb-sniffing dogs detected a possible second explosive device in his luggage.

Appearing on The Alex Jones Show yesterday, Haskell related how after being allowed to disembark from the plane by officials, passengers were detained in customs with their carry-on luggage for six hours while they waited to be interrogated by the FBI.

Bomb sniffing dogs then detected a possible explosive device in the luggage of an Indian man around 30 years old before the man was arrested and led away to an interrogation room.

The probability that there was a bomb in the man’s luggage was all but confirmed when the FBI moved the passengers to another location. “You’re being moved,” the FBI told them, “it is not safe here. I’m sure you all saw what happened and can read between the lines and why you’re being moved.”

The identity of the second man has not been discussed by authorities or the media and Haskell’s description of his own interview with the FBI suggests that the feds are deliberately trying to bury the notion that the bomber had one or more accomplices.

The FBI was not pleased with Haskell when they conducted a follow-up interview yesterday in Michigan. They showed him close-up photographs of various people, including Mutallab, the accused bomber. “They kind of tried to trick me,” Haskell explained. The agents tried to pass off two photos of Mutallab as different people. Kurt asked the agents if they were attempting to impeach his story and smear him.

The Indian man was not included in the photographs. Neither was another Indian man who Haskell told the media had helped the bomber board the plane despite the fact that he had no passport. The sharp dressed Indian lied about the bomber’s circumstances, claiming he was a Sudanese refugee.

Haskell asked them why he was not shown a full body shot of the suspect. Haskell was eight rows back from the suspect. The FBI agents did not answer and were displeased with the question. He also asked the FBI agents if it would be more appropriate to bring the surveillance video from the Amsterdam airport instead of still photos. “I don’t think they liked that comment from me,” Haskell added. The FBI said they did not have the videotape. They also made a point to tell Haskell they were asking the questions and not him.

The agents showed Haskell a photograph of the man flagged by the bomb-sniffing dog and taken into custody in customs. “Isn’t this the man who had the bomb in his carry-on bag that you arrested in customs who you refuse to admit exists?” Haskell asked the agents. “They really didn’t like that comment from me and had no comment back to me but I said it sure looks like the man you refuse to admit exists.”

There has also been no official explanation as to the identity of another mysterious man seen calmly filming the entire flight, including the botched bombing attempt, with a video camera.

Haskell described the FBI’s handling of the aftermath of the incident as “a complete embarrassment, a total disorganizational mess that actually put us in more jeopardy than we were already in.”

Passengers were told to remain seated in the aircraft for 20 minutes after landing despite the fact security did not know at that point if there was an explosive on the plane or if the fire started by the suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab while on descent to the airport had spread under the floor in the cabin or to the fuel tanks in the wings.

Rachel Uchitel Breaks Her Silence, Not Partying With Tiger Woods in Palm Beach…

West Palm Beach News

PALM BEACH, Fla. — While the whereabouts of Tiger Woods remain unknown the woman at the center of the scandal remains on Palm Beach.

Rachel Uchitel asked for her privacy when WPBF reporter Terri Parker interviewed her Monday afternoon.

Uchitel had no comment when asked if she spent time with Woods this past weekend.

There have been widespread reports that the two were seen together at least once on the high-end island in South Florida.

Woods yacht “Privacy” is docked about 5 miles north of Palm Beach at the Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach.

While there has been some activity around the yacht there have been no sightings of the embroiled golf superstar.

Speculation that Woods is in South Florida is being rebuffed by many of the photographers staked out on Palm Beach who believe he is in Arizona.

Woods announced earlier this month that he is taking an indefinite leave from golf while he focuses on his personal life.

Rachel Uchitel Not Partying With Tiger Woods in Palm Beach

Contrary to swirling rumors, Rachel Uchitel didn’t enjoy some quality time with Tiger Woods over the weekend. Bringing out the clarification of the news was Uchitel herself. On Wednesday, December 30, the New Yorker told Billy Bush from Access Hollywood that she was indeed in Palm Beach Florida on Saturday, December 26, but she didn’t even meet the professional golfer in the county.

Uchitel then went on to reveal that she didn’t go to the Everglades Club, where she was accused of partying with Woods. Instead, the first woman romantically linked to the golfer spent her Saturday night with 10 friends. The 34-year-old admitted that she and her pals started off their evening by having dinner together at Echo. At about 10:00 P.M., they headed to a local nightclub named 251 Sunrise.

Affirming Uchitel’s claim, her power house attorney Gloria Allred has released a statement to debunk reports that her client still communicates with Woods. “Ms. Uchitel has had absolutely no contact with Tiger Woods for quite some time, and has not seen him or had any communication with him since she has been in Palm Beach,” so the statement read.

ET Online was the first which came out with a story that Rachel Uchitel spent some time with Tiger Woods in Palm Beach, Florida. On December 26, the twosome was allegedly seen partying together at the Everglades Club. The following days, the pair was said holding hands while mingling with about 300 partygoers in a private mansion in the county.

Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Autopsy inconclusive…

Toxicology Tests Ordered for “Avenged Sevenfold” Drummer

9:33 AM PST, December 30, 2009

HUNTINGTON BEACH — An autopsy on Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, the drummer for the hard rock band Avenged Sevenfold was inconclusive, according to the Orange County coroner’s office, and more tests will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Sullivan, 28, was found unresponsive at his Huntington Beach home Monday, authorities said, adding it appeared he died of natural causes and there were no signs of foul play.

The coroner has ordered toxicology tests on Sullivan’s body, the results of which could take several weeks.

Avenged Sevenfold issued a statement on its Web site Monday.

“It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy `The Rev’ Sullivan,” the statement said.

“Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.”

Sullivan is survived by his wife, Leana MacFadden.

By Tuesday morning, a Facebook page for Avenged Sevenfold had received more than 4,900 comments in response to a posting about Sullivan’s death.

Avenged Sevenfold was formed 10 years ago in Huntington Beach and achieved a measure of mainstream success with the 2005 album “City of Evil.”

Thousands react to rock drummer’s death


Fans expressed their grief on several Web pages. By late Tuesday morning, there were more than 7,700 comments on an announcement on the group’s Facebook page. Also on Facebook, a memorial group had more than 4,000 members, and a memorial page had some 1,800 fans.

Avenged Sevenfold has put out four albums and won best new artist at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006. The group’s self-titled fourth album hit No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2007.

According to a message posted by Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Zacky Vengeance on the band’s MySpace page, the group was hard at work on a fifth album.

Sullivan also served as lead vocalist for a more avant-garde side project, Pinkly Smooth, launched with Avenged guitarist Synyster Gates and former members of the band Ballistico. That outfit put out one album, “Unfortunate Snort,” in 2002. Before joining Avenged Sevenfold, Sullivan played drums for the O.C. ska-pop band Suburban Legends.

Sullivan was the third high-profile Orange County drummer to die in 2009. Nekromantix drummer Andy DeMize, 25, died in January in a fiery car crash on the freeway. Lit time-keeper Allen Shellenberger, 39, succumbed to cancer after more than a year of battling a rare form of brain tumor.

CtPatriot…. I just want to say on the record Avenged Sevenfold is My Favorite Band …

Register pop music critic Ben Wener contributed to this report.

Tiger Woods , Rachel Uchitel spotted partying together in Palm Beach …

By Olivia Smith

Is Tiger Woods shacking up with his No. 1 kitten?

The scandal-rocked pro golfer has been spotted in Palm Beach, Fla., with none other than alleged mistress No. 1, Rachel Uchitel, sources told Entertainment Tonight.

The reported sighting comes just weeks after Woods announced on Dec. 11 that he was taking a break from professional golf to “focus my attention on being a better husband, father and person.”

Woods and Uchitel were rumored to be holding hands as they mixed with about 300 guests at a party in a private mansion in Palm Beach.

They were also spotted partying together in the ritzy enclave, at the Everglades Club, on Saturday night, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Some sources went even further, telling ET that the rumored paramours were living together aboard Woods’ yacht, Privacy, which is reportedly docked in Palm Beach.

The Daily News reported last week that Uchitel, 34, had fled New York and was holed up in a $2 million Palm Beach pad on Sandpiper Drive, registered to 66-year old Michael Abtahi. It was unclear whether she was renting out the posh home or staying there under some other arrangement.

Her mother, socialite Susan Bishop, lives nearby, and the brunette party girl has been spotted around the neighborhood.

It was sexy text messages between Woods and Uchitel that reportedly sparked the initial confrontation between the golfer and his wife, Elin Nordegren.

Nordegren escaped to her native Sweden for the Christmas holiday with the couple’s two children, their daughter Sam, 2, and Charlie, who’ll turn 1 in February. In mid-December, Nordegren hired prominent divorce lawyer-to-the-stars Sorrell Trope, signaling she’s likely to divorce her superstar hubby, who was named the Associated Press’ athlete of the decade weeks after the scandal broke.

Woods has been linked to at least 10 other women with whom he’s rumored to have had affairs.

Charles Krauthammer Rips Obama’s “Flaccid, Meaningless” Words On Iranian Revolution…

“This is a moment in history, and he’s missing it.”

On Special Report tonight Charles Krauthammer ripped President Obama for his “flaccid, meaningless” words on the Iranian freedom protests.
Krauthammer: “The regime is weakening. This is a hinge in history. Everything in the region with change if the regime is changed. Obama ought to be strong out there in saying it’s an illegitimate government; we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people in the street. When he talks about diplomacy he should be urging our Western allies to that have relations to cut them off. He ought to be going into the UN every forum denouncing it. This is a moment in history, and he’s missing it.“

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