Star Trek’s Capt. Kirk: Chris Pine “Busted” Boldy Going with 2 HOT Women…Olivia Munn & Nathalie Walker…

Chris Pine, Olivia Munn break up

Star Trek star Chris Pine and actress Olivia Munn have broken off their relationship.

People magazine reports Pine and Munn appeared to steer clear of each other at the New York Times Style Magazine Golden Globes tail party.

The glittering bash took place at the iconic Chateau Marmont penthouse in West Hollywood. But the pair kept their distance. The Hollywood bible reports a source said they had split.

Munn and Pine, 29, were spotted at The Woods in Los Angeles keeping an intimate profile at the bar.

Chris Pine’s “other woman.”

Chris Pine steps out with aspiring actress Nathalie Walker the night his newly reconciled girlfriend Olivia Munn leaves for the Sundance Film Festival at Hollywood’s Roger Room Bar on Friday night (January 22).

The 29-year-old Star Trek actor was quite the gentleman, opening the car door for the 30-year-old singer/actress.

The night before, Chris and Olivia stepped out together for a romantic dinner at Madeo restaurant in Hollywood and were inseparable at Voyeur nightclub. The 29-year-old host of G4’s Attack of the Show is the new face of Bing and is currently in Park City, Utah promoting Microsoft’s new search engine.

Nathalie Walker has been identified as Chris Pine’s “other woman.”

Last night, the 29-year-old Star Trek actor and the 30-year-old aspiring actress stepped out together Hollywood’s Roger Room Bar while his newly reconciled girlfriend Olivia Munn has been working as the new face of Bing at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

“Nathalie has an on-and-off-again entrepreneur boyfriend named John Flanagan,” sources tell exclusively. “They even went to a Golden Globes party together at Chateau Marmont on January 15. Chris was there too…”

(VIDEO) Obama Clueless Without Teleprompters…. Town Hall meeting in Tampa, Fla.

Sat 30th Jan, 2010

A gutsy college student asks Obama a question. The president states, “The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.”

President Obama takes State of the Union show on the road to talk up jobs, high-speed rail

BY Kenneth R. Bazinet

January 29th 2010

WASHINGTON – President Obama took his State of the Union show on the road Thursday, pressing his case in Florida for a jobs bill, health care reform and high-speed rail projects.

“The worst of the storm has passed. But I think all of you understand the devastation remains,” Obama told a lively audience at a town hall-style meeting in Tampa. “One in 10 Americans still can’t find work. That’s why creating jobs has to be our No. 1 priority in 2010.”

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid announced he will push forward a jobs bill next week that is cheaper than the $154 billion measure the House approved late last year.

Obama faces opposition from Republicans who contend the first stimulus package didn’t solve the problem.

“The stimulus simply isn’t working, but rather than admit it, the President and congressional Democrats are doubling down and calling for even more government ‘stimulus’ spending – wasting even more taxpayer dollars,” House GOP leader John Boehner said.

MTV’s Jersey Shore: See Snooki’s XXX PHOTOS!!! also A Jersey Shore Porno??? “Jersey Whores”???

OMG! Snooki Hooked Up With Vinny’s Cousin: ‘I Keep It In The Jerz Shore Fam,’ She Says

Things got hot and heavy Jan. 18 at NYC club Greenhouse!

Snooki, we’re happy you found yourself a new boy toy — but couldn’t you have gotten your kicks WITHOUT flashing your butt to the entire club? TMZ reported that you hooked up with “some random dude” at NYC club Greenhouse on Jan. 18, but you were quick to correct them via your Twitter.

“Dear @TMZ it was not a random brajole it was VINNYS COUSIN thanks,” you tweeted. “I keep it in the jerz shore fam no creepers allowed!” Hm… we wonder how fellow cast mate Vinny Guadagnino feels about all of this.

Coming Soon: “Jersey Shore” Porn

Amelia McDonell-Parry

Well, I think we knew this was coming. Zero Tolerance Entertainment is hard at work on a porn spoof based on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and, yes, you guessed it, the film will be called “Jersey Whores.” According to Fleshbot, casting has already started and we’re more than slightly underwhelmed by some of their choices. We know it can be hard to find exact doppelgangers within the porn biz, but Dylan Ryder looks nothing like Sammi Sweetheart. And seriously, can Taryn Thomas’ hair even hold a pouf like our beloved Snooki? One upshot to “Jersey Whores” is that, miraculously, the dudes cast to portray “The Situation” and DJ Pauly D are both way better-looking, if not the slightest bit guido-esque.

EXCLUSIVE: Brangelina Over!!! Jennifer Aniston Tells Brad Pitt She’ll Take Him Back!!! HOT PHOTOS…

On the Cover: Jen Tells Brad She’ll Take Him Back!

Star Magazine

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt shocked the world five years ago, when they ended their picture-perfect marriage. But now that Brad and Angelina Jolie have signed a breakup contract dividing their $350 million fortune, Jen is ready to forgive her ex — and take him back!

In the Feb. 8 issue of Star, we report that Brad and Angie have now accepted that it’s not a question of if they break up but when! Brad reached out to his ex for support — exchanging phone calls and text messages before an emotional face-to-face meeting at the Hope for Haiti Now benefit on Jan. 22.

“He knew she would console him, like she always did when they were together,” an insider tells Star.

And as they talked, Jen realized that she loves and misses Brad — and wants him back in her life.

“She’s never had a relationship live up to what they had, and now that things with Angie are finally ending, she’ll take him back,” says to a friend. The day after the telethon, Jennifer called Brad up and admitted the spark was still there, and she knows he felt it too. “The moment he and Angie make it official that they’ve called it quits, she’s ready to try again.”

What did Brad say when Jen declared her feelings? What’s the next step for the duo? Get the scoop — as well as all the details on Brad and Angelina’s split — in the new issue of Star today. Plus: A photo tribute to Brad and Angelina and their family: The way they were!

ITS YOUR MONEY!!! President Obama Spends $10 Milllion on Drunken White House Parties…

Obama Pisses Away $10,000,000 on Drunken White House Parties?

Home – by Admin – January 29, 2010 – 11:59 America/Chicago

Admin Girl picked up a GLOBE magazine today at the checkout counter in the grocery store. The frontpage was just too tempting, “Outrage Over Obama’s Drunken White House Parties!” I admit I was a bit embarassed to thumb through and skim it so I discreetly tucked it underneath my frozen pizza box. The clerk was more concerned over the story about Charles Flees Raging Camilla than she was over Obama’s boozy parties and friends.

Obama party The article also quoted Michelle Malkin telling GLOBE that the posh bashes tossed at the White House reveal “the disconnect between obama and the public is glaring. While the President dines on Wagyu beef and his cronies fight over lavish cocktail party invitations, Americans have lost their jobs in record numbers.”

The article went on to say the Obamas are doing nothing wrong and insists the parties are “one way business is done” in Washington. Let’s see, 170 bashes in one year according to one estimate which is about say 10 million dollars? Wagyu beef $100 to $150 a pound? Apparently the Obamas hosted 28 parties and open houses entertaining more than 50,000 guests, in just one year! Hop on the Obama Party Train!

Lavish Spending, Wasting Taxpayers Money, those were the sub-headlines of the article. If you see the GLOBE at the store buy it, you can always say you just wanted to find out what secret Johnny Cash took to his grave!

“Truck Stop” SERIAL KILLER asked HITMAN to Kill Detectives and Witnesses…After Killing 6 Women…

Nashville jury may not see accused serial killer’s letters
Bruce Mendenhall asked others to kill detectives and witnesses, state


Accused serial killer Bruce Mendenhall was frustrated because he couldn’t line up alibis for a Nashville killing, prosecutors allege, and turned to soliciting the deaths of detectives and witnesses.

The state is trying to use evidence from letters and phone calls made by Mendenhall from prison to show the jury their theory of the crime: that after he couldn’t locate an alibi, real or fake, he turned to a murder plot to get rid of the people who would testify against him in the Sara Hulbert murder case.

A judge will decide whether to allow a jury to hear the evidence — hundreds of letters to family and pen pals talking about his need for an alibi as well as several recorded phone calls — in the trial scheduled to begin Nov. 16.

“All of this is relevant to his frame of mind,” prosecutor Rachel Sobrero said. “He’s trying to find an alibi. That doesn’t work. Months later, he’s hiring people to kill the witnesses.”

Hulbert was found dead in June 2007 at an East Nashville truck stop. Police arrested Mendenhall at the same truck stop less than three weeks later and
said DNA evidence in his truck linked him to the murder.

In August 2008, Mendenhall was indicted on five counts of solicitation of murder for allegedly trying to hire two separate prison inmates to kill witnesses and Metro police detectives. One of the inmates, Roy McLaughlin, was wearing a wire.

Alleged hitman testifies against Mendenhall

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Testimony continued Wednesday in the first trial of alleged serial killer Bruce Mendenhall.

Mendenhall is accused of murdering several women at truck stops across the country.

Jurors will decide this week if he plotted to kill five other people, including two Metro police detectives, while behind bars.

The state is relying on taped conversations, along with testimony from two jail inmates to convict Mendenhall.

Jurors spent hours listening to those conversations Wednesday.

“Is there any particular way you’d like for the services to be carried out, sir?” Mendenhall is asked in one conversation. “No, as long as they don’t suffer through it,” he replied.

One of the inmates, Roy McLaughlin, also testified Wednesday.

McLaughlin told the courtroom he earned the reputation as a hitman while in custody.

He said he was serving time for explosives charges when he claims Mendenhall came to him for help.

McLaughlin: “There were her and two others. I had to get rid of them.”
Prosecutor Rachel Sobrero: “What were his words to the best of your recollection?”
McLaughlin: “How much C-4 would it take to blow up a trailer?”

McLaughlin said he and Mendenhall were friends but apparently turned on him in the spring of 2008 when he went to authorities and twice wore a recording device for police.

During cross examination, the defense tried to paint McLaughlin as a criminal who should not be trusted.

The defense says both inmates, who have lengthy criminal histories, saw Mendenhall as their ticket out of jail.

Elizabeth Edwards leaves “Dirt Bag” John Edwards as Sex Tape, Abortion Plea are Exposed…VIDEO…

Ex-Edwards Aide Claims Presidential Hopeful Pushed for Rielle Hunter to Abort, Was Infuriated by Pregnancy

Jan. 28, 2010

Former John Edwards’ aide Andrew Young, who covered up the Democratic presidential candidate’s affair, said when he cleaned up his house after his role in the cover-up ended he found one more shocker.

There was one tape that was marked ‘special,'” Young told ABC News’ Bob Woodruff in an exclusive interview. “It’s a sex tape of Rielle and John Edwards made just a couple of months before the Iowa caucuses.”

Though Young never saw the woman’s face in the tape, he said she was “visibly pregnant” and was “wearing a bracelet” and a “thumb ring” typically worn by Rielle Hunter.

“It’s her jewelry,” Andrew Young’s wife, Cheri, told ABC News. “It could be on another woman with the same jewelry.”

Young gives his account of the sex scandal and the elaborate cover-up for the Democratic presidential candidate in a new tell-all book titled, “The Politician,” which will be released Jan. 30.

He details how he and wife Cheri briefly returned to Raleigh, N.C., in July 2008 to clear out the house where Hunter had briefly lived before their December 2007 escape from the media. Young claims they found a box Hunter had left behind, which included some videotapes, in a pile of trash.

“It [the tape] was cut and pulled … out,” Cheri Young told ABC News, “We… taped it back together and we played it.”

ABC News has learned that Hunter filed for a temporary restraining order that seeks to prohibit Andrew and Cheri Young from possessing and distributing photos or video that she contends are her property.

Young, who had worked for Edwards since his 1998 Senate win, said he was absolutely sure it was his boss in the tape.

“It’s definitely him. You never see her face. But you see — you clearly see his face for a long time. And I can’t speak for the other body parts, but it’s definitely his face,” Young told ABC News.

“It [the tape] was cut and pulled … out,” Cheri Young told ABC News, “We… taped it back together and we played it.”

ABC News has learned that Hunter filed for a temporary restraining order that seeks to prohibit Andrew and Cheri Young from possessing and distributing photos or video that she contends are her property.

Young, who had worked for Edwards since his 1998 Senate win, said he was absolutely sure it was his boss in the tape.

“It’s definitely him. You never see her face. But you see — you clearly see his face for a long time. And I can’t speak for the other body parts, but it’s definitely his face,” Young told ABC News.

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