UPDATE: Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory”… New World Order Depopulation Agenda…Alex Jones

December 30, 2009

featured stories UPDATE: Alex Jones explains depopulation agenda on Venturas Secret Society investigation TruTV’s ground breaking series ‘Governor’ featuring former Governor Jesse Ventura continues tonight, Wed. Dec. 30 at 10 PM Eastern with a look at the Bilderberg Group and their influence on world affairs. Alex Jones is featured in the episode and consulted heavily on the production and research.

‘Conspiracy Theory’ authority Alex Jones explains the motives for and inner-workings towards a depopulation scheme that aims to eliminate some 80%+ of the current human population. Powerful globalists inside the Bilderberg group, along with the Big Pharma, Big Agra and vaccine cartels are working towards lowering sterility and attacking the immune system through food, water, inoculations and more.

Check out key scenes featuring Alex:

Here’s TruTV’s synopsis

Secret Societies – NEW!
Premiere On: Wed, December 30 at 10PM ET / 9PM CT
They’re thought to be a group of the world’s elite who meet once a year at a luxury hotel and decide how they will run the world. It’s believed they plan to thin out the population through disease-and vaccines. Jesse Ventura infiltrates the Bilderberg

Jesse Ventura Walks Off The Opie & Anthony Show

Jesse Ventura walks off ‘Opie & Anthony’ show after verbal mud fest with Jim Norton

Don’t invite Jim Norton and “Conspiracy Theory” host Jesse Ventura to the same party.

Ventura and Norton verbally sparred on Wednesday’s “Opie & Anthony” show on Sirius AM Radio and things got so heated Ventura walked off the show.


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  2. I recently heard on a local morning radio show (KS95) that the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) have the highest daycare costs in the nation, right behind New York.


  3. this is to gov.jesse ventura Hi from ontario canada and i have a few compiled bits of info about “other issues that tie together what is going on and what will be.Please ..don.t take the implant chip,and let eveyone you care about ,the same,keep arms well located and well just go along for now as no wave making citizens.I have had a broad understanding of the past events that have led to what we have now..amazing and frighttening..have had “training” so keep well and love those close to you GOD BLESS,,with regards,Mike M.


  4. i ont even have he words to say about depopulating the human world. but it all really makes since. but its really scary concidering that i have a family that i have to take of. dam people.


  5. Read a little book from 1972 called none dare call it conspiracy this has been going on for a long time.


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