Brittany Murphy Died Broke…Mom’s Frantic 911 Call…THE TRUTH ABOUT BRITTANY…

Brittany Murphy was broke, mom & husband fighting over her estate


The new edition of the National Enquirer has a piece on an alleged feud and estate grab between the husband and mother of the late Brittany Murphy. Seemingly in response to the rumors, there’s a new story in People about how well Simon Monjack and his mother-in-law get along. They’re also said to be relying on each other for support during the difficult time after 32 year-old Brittany’s sudden death. I’m not sure which side of the story I believe, but as Kaiser says “a little from column A, a little from column B.” Monjack is a known con artist who has been sued multiple times for bad debts. I don’t see him letting his mother-in-law inherit all of his late wife’s assets without a fight. Murphy was said to be broke, though, and I know I was wondering how she could afford to live in that huge house in the Hollywood Hills when she hadn’t had a hit movie in years. It turns out that she couldn’t. Here’s the National Enquirer’s version.

Brittany Murphy died virtually broke – and her financial mess has triggered a bitter feud between her husband and her heartbroken mom.

The Clueless star, who died mysteriously on Dec. 20 at age 32, owed more money than her Beverly Hills home is worth. The 8,000 square foot mansion is now occupied by her mother, Sharon, and her husband of 2 1/2 years, Simon Monjack.

“But a war has exploded over the estate, and there’s a lot of tension between them,” a Hollywood insider told The Enquirer.

“Brittany died practically penniless. And now her husband wants to sell her possessions quickly, while her mother is shell-shocked over the death…

“Poor Sharon can barely function, let alone think about selling the house or getting Brittany’s finances in order… But Simon is already pushing to sell Brittany’s possessions, including jewelry, clothes and the house.

“Sharon is appalled by his insensitivity.”


BRITTANY MURPHY could have been saved! Her secret drug use and the iron-fisted control of her alleged con man husband left her isolated from the very friends who could have prevented her tragic death, say those close to her.

The 32-year-old rail-thin actress passed away Dec. 20 from an apparent cardiac arrest.

“She was sweet and fragile and just wanted to please, but the odds were stacked against
her,” a longtime friend told The ENQUIRER.

“She was helplessly dependent on drugs. And her husband, Simon Monjack, kept her from many people who loved and worried about her. “This heartbreaking loss could have been avoided.”

The star of such hits as Clueless, 8 Mile and Just Married was discovered unconscious by her mother and rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she was pronounced dead.

Numerous prescription pill bottles reportedly were found near her. And while toxicology results were still pending, shocked friends told The ENQUIRER that Brittany’s personal life had become a path to destruction.

“Brittany’s death boils down to drugs and shutting out her friends after meeting Simon,” charged her angry friend.

“He was a possessive control freak.”

Brittany also struggled with weight issues and insecurity. Drugs were a recurring threat throughout her Hollywood years, dating back to her work on 8 Mile in Detroit almost eight years ago, said a source who worked on the film.

“Brittany came close to the edge once before,” recalled the source.

Just before filming ended on the 2002 hit, “an assistant found Brittany passed out on the bathroom floor of her hotel room. She wasn’t breathing. They thought she was dead.”

An on-set medic revived her and took her to an emergency room.

“She’d taken too many pills and she also was doing a lot of cocaine,” said the source. “Producers made her take a couple of days off.”

The incident was covered up by Brittany’s handlers, according to the source.

A few years later at an Austin, Texas, music festival, Brittany “broke out containers of cocaine and snorted line after line during the show,” recalled another friend. “That memory haunts me.”

The beautiful star spiraled downhill after marrying British producer/screenwriter Simon
Monjack in 2007, say sources.

He had multiple civil judgments against him. “She had to shell out a lot of money to get him out of trouble,” divulged another close friend. “Brittany paid off his debts.”

Even worse, Simon, 39, began managing her career, and her movie paychecks plummeted – from $4 million per picture to $100,000, charged the source. Brittany was reportedly fired from her latest movie, “The Caller,” before filming began in San Juan.

“Brittany paid the ultimate price for fame. It cost her her life.

From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 18, 2010

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