Crazy Angelina Jolie Attacks Brad Pitt after a Jennifer Aniston Cheating Confession…

Sources: Angelina Jolie in “Jealous Rage” Over Jennifer Aniston; Brad Pitt Attacked!

The relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt which is already troubled, has now entered the realm of violence, according to a new cover story by the National Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, the trouble started when Brad Pitt admitted to Angelina Jolie that he has maintained a friendly relationship with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

“Angelina went absolutely ballistic,” said a source close to the superstars.

The fight happened in New York City. Jolie, Pitt, and their children have been in the city for the past few weeks while she works on ‘Salt.’

Brad told Angelina that he still talks to Jennifer Aniston, which is a big ‘no no’ as far as the famed humanitarian and world traveller Jolie is concerned.

“It got really heated – with Angelina getting physical with Brad. She was grabbing at him, pushing him around, taking swings and threatening to punch him out. The shocking fight became physic

Before the row started Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, aka Brangelina, were having a normal conversation. The two were discussing recent comments by Jolie that seemed to indicate she wanted an ‘open relationship.’ Pitt told Jolie he remained friendly with Jennifer Aniston.

“That was like a red flag in front of a bull for Angelina!” said the insider. “Jen is the one woman in the world Angie still feels insecure about. She yelled, grabbed, flailed at and pushed Brad. It came close to a serious physical fight, but they were both too concerned about the kids seeing anything to let it get more out of hand.”



  1. That’s crazy :O


  2. I would love to see Jennifer Aniston one day just to shake her hand and give a kiss! I would love to introduce my daughter to such a wonderful woman!


  3. u are right! ↑↑↑


  4. I love Brad Pitt he is so sexy!


  5. To patti bee and other haters…

    Why do you care about the couple “brad pitt is a pussy and angelina jolie is a needy, whiney, person who needs to be a WE instead of a ME – like she used to be.” Why would you give respect on people’s emotions rather than their work? This couple has helped millions of people, for that, they deserve respect.People like you are so irritating.

    And why do people listen to some uncofirmed news that this couple are having marital problems? It’s their personal business!!! They have kids together, I’m sure their lives can be chaotic at times (having 6 kids), just like normal families.

    I have always loved Angelina because of the great work she does for the needy. So unless you have changed at least one stranger’s life, shut your mouths about the people who has.

    Get over the failed marriage of Jennifer Aniston. I’m sure that’s what you people are crying about.


    • Is that a fact? What about the life’s she has destroyed? 3 marriages does not destroy just the husband and wife but entire families on “both” sides. Who the hell sleeps with their dead moms boyfriend, God that is SICK itself! Playing sex games since kindergarden, signing one of her marriages in “blood” wearing blood from another marriage. Cutting herself and her lovers because there was not enough emotion? sex with animals? Admitting to doing every drug to man kind. Just proves your one of the people that just because she does a good deed she is such a saint?????? Her money is “dirty” money and no amount of money she dishes out (like it hurts her pocketbook any) does not erase the bad. She had already created her image and some things cannot be un-done! There is so much more I could list but deep down everyone on here knows about it they just choose to forget it….SHE IS MENTALLY ILL. I’l love for her to try and slap my ass around. I would not be like brad yeah takes a real woman to hit on a man. By the way that is real healthy for the kids to be around. Everyday people cannot adopt if they have one flaw on them she has proven she is “mentallly unstable” yet her money lets her buy kids like we buy shoes. Also if she is threating suicide that is for attention people that really want to end it dont talk about it they DO IT! I have been there and I didn’t say a word to anyone about it God just wouldnt let me go it was not my time yet. That brings up another point neither of them believe in God. What a way to raise a family not married and dont believe in God! goooo brangelina. Whatever!


      • You are spot on, it is not your time yet. And you are right about those two, they are Godless and it shows. They are two people who only care about themselves and money is the biggest factor for them. As for the animals story, i would not be surprised. I hope your life gets better and you find peace down here sureshot.


  6. brad pitt is a pussy and angelina jolie is a needy, whiney, person who needs to be a WE instead of a ME – like she used to be.

    i have no respect for either of them. but, i used to.


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