UPDATE: Brock Lesnar returns to UFC…Rants about Canadian Healthcare and Obama…

It sure is good to have Brock Lesnar back in the game.

By Steve Cofield

Lesnar and UFC president Dana White announced this morning that the UFC heavyweight champion has miraculously recovered from an intestinal disorder, is back training tomorrow and is slated to fight sometime this summer. That’s all great but we really missed Lesnar’s attitude, opinions and bravado.

Lesnar turned today’s teleconference into a campaign against the drive for universal healthcare in the United States.

“Our healthcare system is a little radical, but we’ve got the best doctors in the world. I don’t believe a total reform is necessary. We don’t need socialistic healthcare in America. The doctors in the United States gave me the best care possible.”

Lesnar’s conservative/Republican stance on U.S. healthcare issues were fortified by a trip to Canada. After finding out that he was sick back in October, Lesnar hit Canada for rest and relaxation. That’s when things took a turn for the worse and he had to check himself into a Canadian hospital. Lesnar called it the lowest point of his struggle:

“They couldn’t do nothing for me. It was like I was in a third world country. I had to get out of there.”

Lesnar wouldn’t give exact details of his escape from the unnamed healthcare facility but he did say his wife helped him flee by “driving 100 mph” to get him to a hospital in Bismark, ND. Lesnar tried to smooth things over with many Canadians, who are sure to be a little insulted over his comments.

“I love Canada. I own property in Canada but if I had to choose between care in Canada or the U.S., I definitely want to be in the United States. I wasn’t at the right facility.”
Lesnar tried to clarify things further by saying his statements were really more about President Barack Obama, the Democrats and those supporting universal healthcare.

“President Obama is pushing this healthcare and obviously I don’t want it. I’m speaking behalf of Americans that don’t want this to happen.”

When pushed by the Canadian Press’ Neil Davidson on specifics, Lesnar said he didn’t want to elaborate on his complaints about Canadian healthcare.

“The hospital I was at, it wasn’t their fault. They had some machinery that wasn’t working. We went to where we could have [the proper testing] done.”

Lesnar eventually landed at the Mayo Clinic where he was prescribed antibiotics. Weeks later, Lesnar said the issue had healed itself.


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  1. There seems to be quite a bit of an uproar from our Canadian friends over Lesnar’s comments, but the fact remails that he has the right to comment on his experience.

    It seems strange that so many Canadians defend their Health care, when so many of them also come to America when they really need to be treated rather than wait in line in their country. I think this is why Liberals are so a committed to this farce, in the hope that Americans will become addicted to the idea they are getting “Free” healthcare, while not noticing how much it is truly costing them on their tax returns.

    Govt is addictive, and they know it. Get the people hooked, make them comfortable doing less, and form a party around it to vote for. Before long, you have total control of the electorate. Beware, I say.


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