‘Jersey Shore’ Reunion Show VIDEO: 10 Blowout Moments..Ronnie & Sammi Split..VIDEO…

‘Jersey Shore’ reunion: 10 blowout moments

By Jethro Nededog

After the “Jersey Shore” finale, the cast reunited to look back on the fist pumping, creature-filled, GTL-loaded, knockout summer at “The Shore.”

Here are our 10 best moments of the reunion special:

1.) Mike vs. Ronnie: Wow. So, no love lost between the guy who got the girl and the one who didn’t. As Mike was talking about how he was the “man of the house,” Ronnie begged to differ. Mike’s reply: “Some people have personality. Some people don’t.” Boom!

2.) Don’t hate the player. Hate the game: MTV put together a video tally of Mike’s trash bags. Total for the summer? 33!

3.) Pauly D still JWOWW’d: Remember when Pauly and Jenni hooked up, even though she has a man? Pauly says he still digs him some JWOWW.

4.) Sammi vs. JWOWW: Jenni still doesn’t think her flirtations at the club are considered cheating. Sammi decides to correct her and Jenni doesn’t appreciate it.

“I don’t get into nobody’s business,” says JWOWW. “So it’s a damn shame when they get into mine. So, if people want spend their night at the club looking at what I’m doing, then they don’t have a life.”

5.) Vinny cuts his own meat now: That’s the only thing he does for himself. He still lives at home and has no intention of moving out. His mom does his laundry. And when he brings home some trash bag, his mom makes her breakfast in the morning.

6.) Angelina has been in a situation: There weren’t very many details. From what I could pick up, though, it looks like Mike and Angelina have hooked up. Scandalous!

7.) Sammi walks off the stage: Just as MTV is set to roll some never-before-seen footage, Sammi looks very unhappy. She begins to tear up and then walks off the stage. What was that about? Roll the footage…

8.) Sammi and Ronnie break up… Again: It was basically footage of Sammi and Mike having a heart to heart and Ronnie takes it really badly. I think he took it way out of proportion. They end up breaking up! I don’t think the break will last. They’re just dramatic like that.

9.) Snooki and Mike still hookin’ up? After being asked if they’ve “hot-tubbed” since shooting the finale, both of them refused to answer. Hmmm?

10.) House made them do it: MTV played a hilarious montage of the roomies dancing. I could watch these kids dance for hours. Not because they’re necessarily good, but because it’s like watching babies dance. You know there’s no self-consciousness, just joy. The cast seems to believe that Ronnie is the best dancer. Um, I’m not sure if I’d call his funny little hop dancing, but hey, I’m no guido.

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