The “Hope for Haiti” Telethon SCAM…Jay-Z, Timberlake, Bono Raise More Than $58-Million..FOR WHOM???

The “Hope for Haiti” Telethon Scam

Anthony Gucciardi
January 25, 2010

It takes a lot of disdain for the human race to use a catastrophic event such as the earthquake in Haiti to peddle people out of their hard earned dollar. Unfortunately, this is what the “Hope for Haiti” telethon is all about. The donations will benefit such foundations as the Clinton Bush Haiti Foundation and UNICEF. Instead of the proceeds going towards a local Haitian organization that would provide the victims with adequate food and water, the millions will be given to a foundation created in part by George W. Bush.

If that does not alarm you, then you have not done your research. Corrupt politicians have no business taking donations for a country in turmoil. There are plenty of organizations that have been operating in Haiti for years, and have therefore proven themselves to be legitimate. The IRC (International Rescue Committee) spends 90% of its funds on beneficial programs, while only using 4% for administrative costs, and 4% on fundraising. Why then, are the proceeds going to a foundation run by two corrupt politicians?

The only decent foundation being donated to is the Yele Haiti Foundation. Despite the mainstream media smear campaign being launched against this foundation, it has been located in Haiti and has proved itself by aiding the country long before the earthquake hit. The foundation also encourages food and clothing donations, as opposed to George W. Bush who is asking you to send only cash. With food and clothing donations it is impossible for any foundation to put the contribution towards administrative costs and other worthless expenses. In sharp contrast, writing the Clinton Bush Haiti Foundation a blank check could result in your donation being used quite illegitimately.

The telethon is loaded with celebrities and popular musicians, begging for you to support the Haitian people. Instead of telling you that your donation may be used to fund other United Nations operations, or that it could be used to pay absurdly high administrative costs, they act as if every cent is going to aid the Haitians. If these foundations were truly concerned about the Haitians, they would accept food and clothing donations. If the foundations were truly honest, they would publicly post every cent that was spent and for what reason. Of course, this is not the case for most of these organizations.

As if the chosen recipients of the donations were not enough to cause some concern, Latin American leaders are now saying that the United States is occupying Haiti militarily. After all, it does seem as if the United States military plans on staying for a while.

“So we’re focused on getting command and control and communications there so that we can really get a better understanding of what’s going on. MINUSTAH [United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti], as their headquarters partially collapsed, lost a lot of their communication, and so we’re looking to robust that communication, also.” Said General Douglas Fraser, commander of U.S. Southern Command.

“We also are looking at a large-deck amphibious ship with an embarked Marine Expeditionary Unit on it that will be a couple of days behind the USS Vinson. ” He went on to say.

( News Transcript: DOD News Briefing with Gen. Fraser from the Pentagon, January 13, 2010)

It seems that the involvement of the United States in such a direct way is causing not only a stir, but a negative impact on an already chaotic nation. Machete-wielding gangs patrol the streets of Haiti, as U.N. “Peacekeepers” fire rubber bullets into innocent Haitian crowds. What were these men doing that provoked the attack ? They were searching for jobs.

Taking advantage of the American people, and ultimately taking advantage of the Haitian people, is something that takes a lot of apathy towards the suffering that the Haitian people endured. The celebrities involved probably believe they are truly benefiting the Haitian people, but the sad truth is that the telethon is forwarding their proceeds to ruthless businessman that will not use “every cent” to help the Haitians. Donate your money to an organization that is based in Haiti and accepts food donations, as it is the only way to ensure that your dollar is actually reaching the country.


  1. Why would you give money to 2 suits.. the banks bail out should give you the answer.


  2. About the corrupt Yele Haiti Foundation: In August 2009, the group filed overdue tax returns for 2005, 2006, and 2007, documents showing that Jean and fellow board member Jerry Duplessis paid themselves at least $410,000 for services provided to the foundation.


  3. Nice spelling, professor. Tell me your thoughts on unfiltered tap water, you unrepentant fluoride-head.


  4. You’re right. The US caused this earthquake so they could militarily occupy Haiti, and corner the global Mango trade. (One of their ownly exports)

    No war for mangos! No war for mangos!


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