Miss Me Yet? G.W. Bush Billboard Looms Over Highway (PHOTO)

Miss Me Yet? Bush Billboard Looms Over Highway

George W. Bush is back…in billboard form. Hovering over I-35 near Wyoming, Minn., is an ominous/how’d-anyone-take-him-seriously pic of the former president with the question, “Miss Me Yet?”

There have been no reports as to who is behind the billboard.


  1. You’re joking. Iraqi WMD, 9/11, Haliburton, economic crashes of 2000 and 2008, signing the bailout bill. Is there anyone home in there? What’s to miss?


  2. No!


  3. Kept us safe? LOL… didn’t the worst terrorist attack in American History happen under that guy? I’m not a big Obama fan, but I hope you were joking… at least no one’s killed 3000+ American lives under Obama’s watch… so, I guess Bush really is where we need him… out of the white house?


  4. Sorry, I can’t just leave it at that cos your a complete moron! But he was in office and ignored the warnings that Al Quaeda would strike a month before September 11th! U are not just idiotic, your fucking retarded (yeh I said it Palin!)
    Not only that but he hasn’t created even more terrorists with the Bush Foreign Policy, its not Americans that are the problem with the world, its redneck americans who experience the joys of incest! Those uneducated muppets that can’t even find America on a map and believe everything that an idiot with 2 first names (Glen Beck) says!



  5. idiot!


  6. Where do I go to contribute to this billboard? Do I miss you? Yes, you kept us safe and secure . . . where are you when we need you?


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