TLC’s American Chopper Final Episode VIDEO…Paul Teutul Jr. May End Up Getting Show for Himself…

American Chopper Final Episode :

The American Chopper series finale is now upon us. American Chopper airs its series finale on Thursday night as TLC bids good-bye to one of its longer running series. American Chopper actually got its start over on the Discovery Channel, but made the move to TLC during the 2008 television season.

Now American Chopper will come to an end after six seasons, 147 original episodes, and quite a few brand-new (and flashy) bikes leaving their garage. The show survived for quite a while on the network, but ended up coming under the ax recently when TLC decided to go in a different direction.

The American Chopper series finale will air at 9 p.m. PST/EST (8 p.m. CST) on TLC, Thursday, February 11th. This is the end of the line for the Teutul family, but there have also been rumors going around that Paul Teutul Jr. may end up getting a brand new show for himself. Fans would be happy to hear that, as American Chopper has had many loyal viewers through the years.


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  2. It may be a good thing that the show is over. Without the cameras around everyone maybe able to interact truthfully and they can now focus on repairing relationships without egos coming into play.


  3. No wonder the boys left. Paul, Sr. is a tyrant. He is Phineas T. Bluster brought to life. The lawsuit stuff–Sr. is just greedy. He is also trying to blow off some of the debt he owes on the new headquarters building. Not very honest of him. He is just another self-centered businessman in th end micromanaging those who work for him. I hope Paul, Jr. makes a go of his enterprise. He is clearly more creative than his Father. I hope Mike finds his real calling in life.


  4. American Chopper’s formula for failure SR. Tired of the mouth, tired of the fighting. When it was about motorcycles I wqtched. When it became a “Soap” I booked . Glad it going.


  5. Yes Paul Jr wants to kick some OCC butt. I can understand the reason why the split up as my relationship with my own son is about the same. The only thing diffrent is that I realized I had a medical problem that was treatable. Paul Sr, is so hung up on his own failures, and he’s not giving the boy’s enough room to make their own mistakes. Yes the show lost alot with me as SR, just turned me off after a bit. Who wants to work with a boss thats a bottle of nitro glycerine and dare to make waves and listen to the rant and raves and deadlines to close to each other.I could possibly see it SR’S way if he actually built the bike’s or even designed them but looking over a shoulder and putting in comment or two does not qualify, Or try to put a fender on or try and make handle bars and claim joy is not what I call Paul Sr Built. Yes he did build before but now he is nothing but a Buisness owner now and A Captain Blye and his Mutiny on the Bounty has come true. Go Get him Paul JR, Vinney and all the rest. Dad’s already worried as he has already made drive by’s your new establishment and talking with Jim to protect his own Ego and convince himself that he is ruler. Paul Sr needs to realize we are in 2010 now. Not back in the 50’s and 60’s anymore. It’s time to be more tolerant with people, especially if you run a buisness as your talented workers may take a hike, IE Vinney, Cody, and lord knows how many before. Your no Cesar Paul SR.


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  7. It’s all a hoax! The show had lost all it’s ratings. Now with this battle between Sr and Jr, the ratings are soaring,once again. Every good story has to have a villian and Sr makes a great one! I think he is being an ass to promote the show and Paulie. It’s a hoax but it is working.


  8. I hope Paul Jr show does fantastic I just watched him on Yes to the Dress and got to see his mom and family and Mikey again. I missed both Mikey and Paul Jr. Paul Sr not so much. I saw a commerical where Paul Sr says Paul Jr hasn’t finished anything in 20 years while he is getting married and will be having his own family and Mikey is still close to him. Advise to Paul Sr is your sons are moving on and will be out of your life forever is you don’t at least extend an olive branch I already seen Paul Jr do it.


  9. Paul Sr. is completely clueless if he thinks that Jr. and Mikey made the decision not to be involved in OCC anymore. Someone needs to tell Sr. that flat out he is impossible to get along with. Maybe he should start drinking again!!! Good Luck Paul Jr.!! I hope you leave the old man in the dust!! I can’t wait to see you and Vinny back together again.


  10. hi want to now when show not on anymore is paul sr still building bikes whats going to happen to the new shop they still keep doing what they are doing thanks it was fun wacthing the show still fan of the bikes goodluck


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