American Bad Ass Kid Rock On Fox’s Megan Kelly…”Liberals Have Destroyed Once Proud Detriot”…VIDEO!!!

Kid Rock Gets It Right on Detroit

RUSH: Now, normally, ladies and gentlemen, when we are treated to celebrity opinions, it’s always the left. But yesterday on Fox News, America Live with Megyn Kelly, she interviewed the rock ‘n’ roll super crooner, Kid Rock, who is from Detroit.

He’s a conservative guy for the most part. He does lots of troop visits to entertain them, Afghanistan and so forth. She said to Kid Rock, “What do you make of the situation in Detroit?” It’s where he’s from. “Because that’s something you’ve grown up around, you live in that area. It’s been a rough, rough haul there. What’s your experience on the ground in Detroit?”

KID ROCK: I have nightmares sometimes that, you know, I’m going to wake up — I actually have a nightmare that I’m going to wake up — and everyone is driving, like, a Prius or living in a condo. We’re all getting health insurance. Detroit was such… We had so much style, you know? The cars that we built — and not only the cars, the tanks, the airplanes from World War II, the things we did with such ingenuity. But cool stuff. You know, a ’57 Chevy. It came in 17 colors, every one of them red, white, and blue. It was so cool. And now it’s like they’re just trying to… It just reminds me of Europe, like everybody is going to be driving a Smart Car and living in a condo and that’s not the American dream. And you see it kind of starting to die, or at least it has left for a little from Detroit there with everything that’s going on. Everyone still wants it to come back and be present again.

Music star Kid Rock discusses polls that show Americans favor small over big government…VIDEO,VIDEO and Video…

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  1. i agree with the kid


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