EXCLUSIVE: Snooki’s College Appearance Causes Racist, Violent Uproar…

EXCLUSIVE: Snooki’s College Appearance Causes Racist, Violent Uproar… 


What began as an invitation for some fist pumping and Jersey Shore entertainment ended causing a racist uproar at a Virginia university, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

MTV reality star Snooki is scheduled to appear at James Madison University on March 3 and the university created a Facebook page to promote her appearance.

The event was billed as Snooki’s first university appearance and she is scheduled to be interviewed by a comedian and do a question and answer session.

And while the Jersey Shore stars have made appearances all over the country, and in Canada, without incident, Snooki’s scheduled show caused a slew of racist and violent comments that caused the university’s student-run organization that was overseeing the event to step in.

Steven Eure, director of public relations of the University Board which arranged the event, told RadarOnline.com: “The Facebook page became a place where students wrote positive comments about the violent guy that punched Snooki and how she deserved it.
“Their comments were cruel not only about Snooki but also directed toward the students that were excited that Snooki was coming.”
Snooki was famously punched to the ground during the filming of Jersey Shore.

But the hatred didn’t stop there. As the comments about Snooki got more and more heated, students started attacking each other and spewing racist comments toward each other.

It got so bad, the UPB took down comments and posted a long message on the page that said, in part: ““the conversation on the Facebook wall went from beneficial to hostile, and even violent and racist…we simply cannot constantly observe and prohibit offense, obscene uses of the internet which are both misuse of JMU’s internet policy and illegal.”

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  1. It’s a whirlwind of drama where ever these kids go. But seriously, outrage over Racism and threats of Violence? I thought that’s what the internet was made for?


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