Scott Brown Sucks! Conservatives, Independants Angry Over Sen. Scott Brown’s Vote for Jobs Bill (stimulus2) TAKE POLL!!!

Scott Brown Sucks!!! Conservatives, Independants Angry Over Sen. Scott Brown’s Vote for Jobs Bill…STIMULUS 2…

February 22, 9:29pm
Political Buzz Examiner
Ryan Witt

Today Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) was one of five Republican Senators to vote for a procedural motion on the jobs bill in the Senate. The motion ended up passing 62-30 which ends debate on the bill allowing it to go forward for a simple majority vote.

This vote is actually more important than the final vote on the bill since Brown, along with other Republicans, could have effectively killed the bill by sustaining a filibuster with their 41 votes. Now the Democrats are almost sure to be able to pass the bill since they only need 50 votes for the final vote (V.P. Joe Biden would break a tie).

Two other Republican Senators who voted for motion to end debate on the bill (Sen. Bond and Sen. Voinovich) are both retiring. Senators Snowe and Collins from Maine, who have always been considered more moderate, also voted for the motion.

Therefore Brown was not the only Republicans to vote for the bill but he is certainly the most famous. His election was called the “Massachusetts Miracle” given the long odds every Republican faces in the state. Crucial to his victory was the enthusiastic support of Tea Party members who saw Brown as one of their own. Brown railed against government spending and deficits in his campaign. Conservatives believed that his election would provide the crucial 41st vote in the Senate that would allow Republicans to filibuster the legislation of Democrats.

Today Brown’s vote was crucial but for exactly the other side. Instead of being the 41st vote for Republicans Brown was effectively the 60th vote to end the filibuster on the jobs bill. The bill is relatively small in that it only “spends” $15 billion in revenue and much of that money actually goes to tax cuts. This did not keep Tea Party members from flaming Brown on Twitter. Here is a sampling of the Tea Party backlash against Brown:

solbeachdog: Scott Brown quickly exposed as just another New England progressive masquerading as a Republican. Disgusting.”

PAC43: RT @Lanettetay: I am furious and sick about Sen Scott Brown voting YES for Harry Reid & Obama’s Job Bill that is serious DEFICIT SPENDING!!”

Tigerstooth: RT @LiliaEP Scott Brown is an example of the progressivism that is creeping into the GOP that Glenn Beck talks about.

It appears that Democrats should have taken a different strategy in attacking Brown. Instead of painting him as a Tea Party extremist they should have simply called Brown a moderate. This may have led to the loss of his Tea Party support as seen in the tweets above.

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