Shocking Video ‘Generation Zero’…The Truth About the Financial Meltdown…See What Caused It!!!

‘Generation Zero’ — The Truth About the Financial Meltdown

A controversial new documentary film, “Generation Zero” which provides a unique perspective on the causes of the recent financial meltdown and the economic debacle it triggered

Featuring more than 40 leading experts, authors, and pundits from across the political spectrum, “Generation Zero” exposes how the mindset of the “Greatest Generation” — to not let their children suffer through the same economic hardships that they did during the Great Depression and WWII — led to the “Me Generation” and ultimately the Clinton/Bush era of trading campaign contributions for government “cover” in the form of guaranteed bailouts of Wall Street’s speculative investments, thus sowing the seeds of economic disaster that would be reaped by coming generations.

“We are honored to be asked to share this film with the members of the Tea Party Nation, whose relentless efforts against ‘‘big government’ and wasteful spending are one of the country’s best hopes in making sure the ominous predictions of ‘Generation Zero’ do not come to fruition,” stated David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United Productions and Executive Producer of the film. Citizens United Productions produced the film in association with Victory Media.

Charles Krauthammer

Stephen Moore

Citizens United Productions, the leading production company for conservative films, released “Hilary The Movie,” the film that recently brought about the landmark First Amendment decision by the Supreme Court. In addition, Citizens United has produced such award winning films as “Perfect Valor,” “Border Wars”, “Hype: The Obama Effect” and “Rediscovering God in America,” among others.

“Generation Zero” was written and directed by awarding-winning director, Stephen K. Bannon (”In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed,” “Titus“). In addition Mr. Bannon and Alan Peterson (Hilary The Movie, Hype: The Obama Effect) acted as producers.

John Bolton

“This film is about a crisis – one that is as profound as The Revolution, The Civil War, or The

Tobin Smith

Great Depression and WWII,” says Bannon. “The title ‘Generation Zero’ is ironic, as it refers to both the Baby Boomers and the generation born today: the one generation whose greed and fiscal mismanagement has destroyed the financial legacy and inheritance of the other.”

Commentators appearing in “Generation Zero” include, among others: Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Lou Dobbs, Larry Kudlow, Shelby Steele, Victor Davis Hanson, Amity Shales, Dick Morris, Peter Schweizer, Tobin Smith, Heather McDonald and Newt Gingrich.

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