FAMU Sextape is it Real??…Photos…And REAL LINK To “FAMU” VIDEO…

FAMU Sextape Is Burning Up The Internet

According to various sources, first of its kind a sex-tape from a highly reputed educational institution has been released recently. However, so far there’s no word from the FAMU management about the same.

It has been learned that the above mentioned sex video featuring a group of male and female students of historically black university has hit the Internet and the same is causing lot of embarrassment for the Tallahassee, Florida based Florida A&M management. An official word from university management or the president James H. Ammons is, however, still awaited.

This has also been learned that there’s some ambiguity whether the video was filmed within the University premises at Florida A&M since the few that watched the same reported at first glance it doesn’t appear that the ‘group session’ was carried out at the campus.

The viewers also made it very clear that if the girl students involved in the group-fun claim they were ignorant of the fact they were being captured, they would be telling lies; all the girls had a direct eye-contact with the cameras and by all means they were fully aware what they were doing out there.

Whether it was filmed inside the campus dorms or not, there’s no doubt about the fact that ‘characters’ in the sex video belonged to the Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida and the officials from FAMU must find no difficulty to identify all of them even by their names. The video was released on a very famous Web site and it is still available there thus the people interested to watch the same; may take little pain and they’ll find it out.

Link To Original Site…VIDEO…NSFW..Porn Site….


  1. As a 20-year corporate executive who chose to become a nurse practitioner at age 50, I was stunned, appalled and outraged by the bullying and intimidation directed at me and other “older” students by nursing school instructors at the University of Pennsylvania as well as staff nurses at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. With classes and clinical rotations designed to make confident, successful women fearful and paranoid, Penn’s nursing program reflects everything other commenters have written. After leaving that place ASAP and switching to a “less prestigious” school, I have learned the trade and will graduate with MSN/nurse practitioner degree in May 2010. I will NEVER work as a hospital staff nurse and wish my former tormentors the worst of health and luck as they live out what’s left of their miserable, small-minded lives.


  2. Watch FAMU Sex Tape here:


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