John Edwards INDICTED? Grand Jury Set To Indict, National Enquirer Reports…VIDEO

John Edwards INDICTED? Grand Jury Set To Indict Edwards, National Enquirer Reports

National Enquirer

A federal grand jury is about to indict John Edwards, sources tell the National Enquirer. The grand jury has been investigating the former presidential candidate since April 2009 for possible misuse of campaign funds — Edwards had mistress Rielle Hunter on his payroll — and indictment is now imminent. The Enquirer talked to one friend who revealed that John was “terrified”:

“While he believes he’s done nothing illegal in trying to hide his extramarital affair with Rielle and their daughter, he thinks the Feds are going to make an example of him.”

It hasn’t been a great winter for the former presidential candidate. On the one hand, there has been Andrew Young, former Edwards aide and admitted accomplice in concealing the affair, stepping forward with a tell-all memoir of campaign trail debauchery and details of an Edwards-Hunter sex tape. On the other, recently-separated-from wife Elizabeth has threatened to sue Young for “alienation of affection,” while friends told the Enquirer that Edwards beat her in a marriage-ending fight.

Meanwhile, rumors float about that Edwards proposed to Hunter and the two plan to move into a recently purchased $3.5 million beachfront home. If the couple do in fact intend to move in together, plans could be delayed if Edwards ends up serving jail time.

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