(AUDIO) Howard Stern…King of All 9/11 Truthers?…Joins Jesse Ventura Questioning Official 9/11 Story…VIDEO…

9/11 Truth – Howard Stern Questions Official 9/11 Story

9/11 Visibility Project

Howard Stern – While not exactly “alternative” in the sense we mean it here, Howard Stern recently ran this photo on his home page, showing an individual holding up one of our “Stop the 9-11 Coverup” signs.

He also linked to the video showing Bush’s 25 minutes of inaction after being told the country was under attack. And he’s been speaking out against the erosion of civil rights after his show was targetted by the FCC.

In fact, Howard has been more on top of the 9/11 issue than many progressive media figures! Now is the time for unity and solidarity. No matter what you think of Howard Stern, he has the ability to reach millions of people. Let’s encourage him to continue to expose the connection between 9/11, media censorhsip, and the erosion of our civil rights.

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