GRAPHIC CONTENT: SeaWorld Killer Whale Attack Video…Watch VIDEO Here…

SeaWorld Whale Attack Video Could Be Released to Media

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SeaWorld Whale Attack Video Could Be Released to Media. The death of Dawn Brancheau, the SeaWorld whale trainer killed by a bull orca whale, could be released to the media. Police tapes which showcase the deadly whale attack could be handed over to various media outlets, meaning that anyone who wants to see the attack for themselves will be able to do so quite easily.

Immediately following the incident, there was a frenzy to find coverage of the whale attack. Videos on the Internet promising to be the whale attack actually turned out to be coverage of the incident or family videos taken immediately prior to the tragedy.

Some individuals think that the media should not have access to the tape, as viewing the footage may be troublesome to the family of the victim. Others think that the media has the rights to the video as it showcases a high profile event.

The family of Dawn Brancheau is fighting back trying to stop the release of the tapes. However, SeaWorld turned over the tapes to the Orange County Sheriff’s department. Once their investigation is complete, the tapes will become part of public record via a law.

Brancheau’s family and those wishing to stop the release of the attack footage will have an uphill battle. If they succeed in their quest to thwart the release, a precedent will be set that will render the public records law almost useless.

SeaWorld and the Brancheaus have contacted Jon Mills, the same high profile attorney that helped keep Dale Earnhardt’s grisly autopsy photos from the press after his death in a NASCAR crash.

What do you think? Do you think that the whale attack videos should be public record, or do you think that the family’s wishes should be respected?

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  1. lololol


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  3. I just want to say that most of the people in this guestbook thing are absolute a-holes. “I want to see the bitch die”, seriously? What if this woman was your mother, your sister, or your wife? How can any human say that about another person?


  4. Stupid people!!! This is not of dawn!!! This is of the whale attack in texas and thats a guy!!! Not dawn. She was dragged in by here ponytail and drug to the glass and was drowned!!! This video is of the fuy in texas, which lived!!!!!!


  5. That footage is from almost 10 years ago. The trainers have been wearing white and black wetsuits for the last 5 years. The red and black wetsuits are from 7-10 years ago.

    Also the whale in the video is not Tilikum. Tilikum has a bent over dorsal fin. That whale has a straight dorsal fin. Just because someone puts together a video, does not mean they are displaying the truth.


  6. Yall need to sht the fk up its a whale that needs masive watter to be at happy state. you die ohh well he isent dead hes just unhappy who gives a flying fk either kill the whale or let it go simple


  7. Its not the whale doing, its the ones that took it out of the sea just leave the poor whales where they belong!!!!! let them be free.


  8. the funny part is the fucking people working there and watching her getting hit by the whale ?? i don’t get it ?? sorry but they have guns and everything in emergency caase why they don’t fire ?? make this thing sleep ? they was near the fish boz and trying to what ? sayiong the whale leave the human we have fish for ya ?? wtf ??

    fucking retarded.. they should all help her


    • First of all, this is not Dawn and that was not Tilikum!! His dorsal fin lays over to the side and the outfits wore by trainers in this video were from the previous shamu show, not “Believe,” where they currently ware Black and White, not red! This is apparently a website where uneducated individuals can just cuss for NO APPARENT reason. Must be hiljack heaven!


    • They tried to help her! what ere they supposed to do?? throw themselves in his mouth. um no.


  9. Ummm yeah that’s not the same attack. This is obviously an attack but not the one that killed Dawn.


  10. I wanna see the fuckin´ attack, plus that bitch deserved to die, like those MATADORES, ´cuz they´re just torturing animals, don´t get mad, just concious, the whale isn´t guilty, just respondin´ to his instincts, that´s it, or what do you do if you get caught in a fuckin´ cage and be forced to do all that shit the whale do?, I wanna see the frickin´ video!!!, I wanna see her die!!!


    • you are a disgusting premature creature who shouldnt be on this site becuase you oboisly are not mature enough to relize that this women had a famly and she lost her life working with animals so FUCK YOU. you have know right to say that


    • thts fucked up i understand where ur comin from nd all but come on respect for da dead man i lik to see u die


    • talk about being a fucking piece of shit. shouldnt ever wish death upon somebody you pile of donkey shit. You are entitled to your opinion but dont have to wish death to the girl. im sure she loved the animal and treated it better than you would know.


  11. The point here is,that whale meant more than that woman’s life to corporate greed controlled Sea World. Where were the specially trained animal control officers with tranquilizer guns,or hell even actual guns,to subdue this animal in case of an incident such as this when human life is at steak? Don’t tell me somebody couldn’t have put a barrage of darts or bullets in that whale’s ass before it drowned that woman. No, you’ll never see that at a Sea World or a zoo because the multi-million dollar conglomerates have to protect it’s investments before it protects it’s people. So somebody died,no big deal to them. They’ll keep that fucking whale and give it an opportunity to kill again,because now it’s a gold mine that will attract even more people to the park who will pay money to see the damned thing.
    Furthermore,If there were an Animal Attack theme park where people were purposely attacked for our entertainment,it’d be a global entity overnight because this entire planet would pay to go see it. Why not? We all just watched the killer whale attack video didn’t we?
    Hmmmm… I think I’m onto something here.Any investors? I’m not kidding.


    • Many thanks to CT Patriot. God Bless America!


  12. well actually they are called killer whales cuz they kill other whales. and yea they should expect things to happen. it was just a bad accident..end of story


  13. Oh come on, you CAN NOT keep whales in tanks like that… it’s ridiculous! I’m sure one day when you’ve all had your laughs it will be made illegal to do something so stupid. What the hell did they expect? Fucking idiots.


  14. Obviously, curiousity has gotten the better of me and I would be interested in seeing the tape. However, from a compassionate stand point I don’t feel that it’s release is in any way necessary. I think the wishes of the family should be respected. Killer Whales kill… no mystery there. No need to release such horrifying footage.


  15. I just wanna see this bitch die… not really looking to get all political like u fags


    • fuck u man she died come on


  16. learn ur lession from this u bunch of idiots


  17. that video isn’t even of the same attack. moron.


  18. by the way, this is not the accident with Dawn Brancheau. THis happened a couple of years back.


  19. If only they had machine guns to blast the stuffing out of that whale. I would of, screw watching a mate or work colleague die in front of you.
    Stupid whale, after all the good fish the workers gave you! This is how you repay them!
    No more fish for you mate go back to the ocean and get mauled by sharks or hunters or whatever.


    • hey, listen: wild animal, caught when he was about 2 years. Mother killed during this act. in captivity for 28 years. confined to a small tank. No contact with other orca’s. What is important here? Doing many shows, also misused as a breeder. Let’s have MORE animals in captivity to make more bucks. It’s sheer Exploitation. Amusement being more important than the suffering of these animals. Did he ask for that? It’s perverse. Do we always have to exploit everything on earth? From oil to animals to other human beings? People who train wild animals make Big Mistakes to consider wild animals as their pets and friends. Arrogant and vain: Look at me, hugging and kissing him.LOOK AT ME. I have CONRTROL over this mighty animal. In the end, it’s Just a Risk of the job. I feel very sorry the lady died. Still, I don’t know why the animal should be killed. Oh… maybe because we consider ourselves the ultimate species… so we do it the American way: GUN DOWN everthing and everyone. Neanderthal thinking. Crawl back into your cave please.


    • They shouldn’t kill it dude. They shouldn’t even have it in a tank. It’s not natural. What should you expect from a wild animal called “Killer Whale”. It’s the peoples on fault, boo hoo someone got killed by an animal. yeah its sad but shit, it happens all the time and it happens more by human on human attacks.


  20. I agree with Angela’s comment! Keeping wild animals captive for our “entertainment” is absurd and always has been. Instead of useless entertainment for the masses (along with mass sports events and mindless television), Americans need to work more on serving their fellow man and less on entertainment that involves the subjugation of other creatures.


    • Tom,

      There are zoos all over the world, buddy, not just in America.
      And people get killed by animals in zoos ALL OVER THE WORLD, ALL THE TIME.
      Nice big words and everything, but all you’re doing is spreading ignorance.


      • how would you like it if you were kept in a cage u fat american ignorant twat. there..poor fins are flopped over when they are taken into captivity. My deepest condolences to the family of the trainer.


  21. I think the footage should be public simply because we need to be fully aware of the potential dangers involved in holding wild animals-mammals hostage. It is not a natural environment for these animals to be contained and it does not matter how much care goes into the daily living of maintaining them . . . they are still wild and not subjected to the laws of humans, so why are we trying to force it upon them. We humans are an arrogant breed and race.

    Yes, keep it public so we have a permanent reminder of truth. Sad for the woman who lost her life but she knew going into her career that she was working with the wild. My sympathy goes out to her family.




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