Katherine Heigl’s Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)…Katherine Heigl SEX TAPE???

Katherine Heigl’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Katherine Heigl was at ShoWest on Thursday to accept the Female Star of the Year Award when her dress came undone, nearly exposing her left breast.

Fortunately for her but not for men everywhere, host Billy Bush was there, and he stood behind her to hold up the broken strap so she could finish her speech and protect her modesty.

Katherine Heigl Wants To Make A Sex Tape

Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl [photosKatherine Heigl photos] wants to follow in Paris Hilton ‘s footsteps and be the star of her own sex tape. She thinks a raunchy home video would be perfect to propel her to fame.

“I think maybe I should do a sex tape. Look what it did for Paris Hilton!”, Heigl said in an interview.

Heigl isn’t shy about sharing details of her personal life and claims to be having a rocking time in bed with her boyfriend.

“There’s never enough sex for me. The guy I’m dating now is just so fantastic in bed that half the time I just want to leave the handcuffs on and say, ‘I’ve got to run a few errands, but don’t you move – I’ll be back!'”, she said.

She says that it acts as a perfect stress buster after a hard day’s work on the hit show. “I feel that everybody deserves fantastic sex and should settle for no less. I work hard and I deserve it”.


  1. You only know such a small speck of what we do. It’s not like tv guy…and while you will deny it, that’s clearly what you think it is. As for the runaway….I didn’t know how it would turn out there ass.


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  3. True phrase


  4. Grew up watching her. I am the same age. I Like her. She is a good person and a kind hearted soul. Glad to know she won an Award. Funny about the malfunction. She is hot.


  5. This is awesome… They are so sexy and most of all beautiful….


  6. In the early days of online dating sites were filled-with online profiles of people who are thieves, con artists and fraudsters.


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