“Hot Tub Time Machine” Movie Reviews…Plus Star Lizzy Caplan Hot Nude Photos…

Hot Tub Time Machine Reviews



Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes (& Reviews)

It’s time to look at the Hot Tub Time Machine reviews, and memorable quotes that may go into the film nerd’s vocab book.

The movie is directed by Steve Pink, who was co-writer and co-producer of two of Cusack’s best movies, High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank. Besides from Cusack, look out for other 80s regulars Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover (Back To The Future) and William Zabka (The Karate Kid, always played the class bully).

Here’s what the critics are saying –

Roger Ebert

“Hot Tub Time Machine, which wants nothing more than to be a screwball farce, succeeds beyond any expectations suggested by the title and extends John Cusack’s remarkable run. …high point is possibly Nick’s boozy phone call to his wife, who at the time was still in grade school. …Corddry essentially steals the movie as Lou.”

LA Times

“nonstop political incorrectness; completely illogical special effects; a story line that at times makes absolutely no sense; Crispin Glover in one running sight gag that gets better instead of old; some gross-out moments that are genius…. Oh, and about a billion laughs.”

Hollywood Reporter

“A potentially wry comedy about time travel plunges into a hot tub of tepid juvenilia. …Unlike “Grosse Point Blank,” which also allows its hero to confront his past, such a thing never really happens here. Each life trajectory apparently got changed by a tiny miscalculation or case of bad timing. It never has anything fundamentally to do with either their character or life choices.”

Hot Tub Time Machine currently holds a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, from 69 reviews.

The top 5 Hot Tub Time Machine quotes for our filmnerdcabulary –

Jacob: (Clark Duke) “This is scientifically possible!”
Nick: (Craig Robinson) “Tell us how it’s scientifically possible, Professor Hawking.”
Jacob: “I will, ’cause I write Stargate fan fiction; this is my bread and butter, man!”
Nick: “Oh my God, I seriously almost passed out you’re such a dork.”

Jacob: (Clark Duke) “You don’t think it’s weird a bunch of guys just piling up in a big bath tub together?”
Lou: (Rob Corddry) “It’s called male bonding ok, haven’t you even seen Wild Hogs?”

[Looking at the reflection of their younger selves.]
Adam: (John Cusack) “You look like Kid n’ Play.”
Nick: (Craig Robinson) “That’s actually two people.”

Adam: (John Cusack) “You’re better than him …maybe not by a lot, but, a little. You’re the patron saint of the totally f**cked, you’re completely toxic, there’s nothing you can’t kill. You’re the violator. You can be the hero.”
Nick: (Craig Robinson) “Like Enrique f**king Iglesias.”
Adam: “You love that f**cking song”
Lou: (Rob Corddry) “I love that f**cking song.

Nick: (Craig Robinson) “My wife, she cheated on me. I found an e-mail.”
80s Girl: “Hey what’s an e-mail?”
Nick: “…That’s not the point.”

Leave your own reviews in the comments, and whatever you think will become the most memorable Hot Tub Time Machine quotes.


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