“Hezbollah Patriot” Natda Prouty Is An Islamic Terrorist…The First Jihad Jane…60 Minutes Propaganda & Lies…VIDEO

SICKENING: “60 Minutes” Lionizes Hezbollah Spy Nada Nadim Prouty (& Cites My NY Post Column)

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: SCROLL DOWN FOR Response to “60 Minutes” Propaganda and Lies about Nada Nadim Prouty ****

You know what’s truly disgusting? That Hezbollah spy, immigration fraud perpetrator, and FBI/CIA infiltrator Nada Nadim Prouty a/k/a Nada Nadim Al-Aouar DeLaDurantaye Valley Prouty is not only not behind bars for life for selling out America to Hezbollah because Federal Judge Avern Cohn, a Marxist, gave her only a fine of a few hundred dollars as a “sentence” for her treason (the limp Bush administration sought only six months prison time for her spying). Even more disgusting, though, is that, tonight, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” is whitewashing her as a “patriot.” She’s a patriot, all right. Just not an American one. She’s a Hezbollah patriot. Prouty was the first Jihad Jane, about whom I wrote in a New York Post column, in which we called her Jihad Jane. Tonight, “60 Minutes” cites that column (without mentioning me or the post by name). Prouty and her lawyers cited my New York Post column in their brief seeking a soft sentence.

As I wrote, Prouty spied for her brother-in-law, Talal Khalil Chahine, a Hezbollah financier who sent the terrorist group $21 million in revenue from his La Shish Middle Eastern restaurants. (The Bush administration, by the way, allowed Chahine to flee the country, which is even more nauseating.) She accessed FBI and CIA databases for Chahine, telling him the status of the investigation into his Hezbollah financing activities.

She isn’t Muslim, by the way. She’s Druze, and she and her family are members of the Syrian National Socialist Party in Lebanon, which is basically a Hezbollah offshoot that commits terrorist acts. A number of her Al-Aouar family members in Lebanon perpetrated bombings and murders on behalf of Syria and in solidarity with Hezbollah.

SICKENING: “60 Minutes” Lionizes Hezbollah Spy Nada Nadim Prouty (& Cites My NY Post Column)

By Debbie Schlussel


  1. Schlussel, you’re an idiot.


  2. For those seeking Truth about Nada Prouty and True American Patriot why not go directly to the source and STOP reading biased and prejudice propaganda that has no thread of truth in it…


    Or many others that care to share the Truth…


  3. Nada Prouty endanger her life everyday fighting terrorism to keep the American Constitution that she loves, believes in, and was willing to die for, Intact. Our lives are safer today because Nada was there for us. Now Nada needs US to be there for her


  4. Take a look on my Islamic blog: http://www.religionbeliefs.muslimblogs.com

    Which is located at world largest Muslim blogging community http://www.muslimblogs.com


  5. You have provided no evidence of any crime against this woman, a who, by the way, was totally cleared by the CIA of any wrongdoing. You have not only trampled on Ms. Prouty’s honor and integrity, patriotism and work ethic, you have cost the US an extrememely rare and valuable asset in the war on terrorism. I’m well aware of her transgression, to which she has admitted, of faking a marriage to avoid being deported back to the chaos and violence of Lebanon. You’re actions in destroying this woman’s life are no better than McCarthyism, you and those prosecutors are using this to advance your own careers. Notice the federal prosecutors would not comment on camera, probably waiting instead to put all their lies and innuendoes into a book, like you will, that will be sucked up by every whacko who believes the lies and half-truths you put out there. You and the rest of the media should be ashamed of yourselves. When more of the brave men and women who put themselves into harms way for you and your cronies are killed in the conflict, their blood will be on your soul, believe it.


  6. You are in violation of my copyright. Funny, I don’t recall giving you permission to post my entire article on your site. Please remove all but the first two or three paragraphs with a link to my original on my site for the rest. And please let me know that you complied. writedebbie@gmail.com. I work very hard on my content to draw traffic to my site, not to have it ripped off in whole by a third party. That’s why my work is copyrighted and there’s a copyright notice at the bottom of each article. Please remove this immediately. You may leave up only 2-3 paragraphs with a link to the rest. If you cannot do that, remove it all.
    Debbie Schlussel


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