‘RapeLay’ Video Game Goes Viral Despite Outrage…Virtual Rape…VIDEO DEMO!!!

‘RapeLay’ Video Game Goes Viral Amid Outrage…Virtual Rape…VIDEO DEMO!!!

By Kyung Lah
March 30, 2010
Tokyo, Japan (CNN) — The game begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, “Can I help you with something?”

That is when you, the player, can choose your method of assault.

With the click of your mouse, you can grope her and lift her skirt. Then you can follow her aboard the train, assaulting her sister and her mother.

As you continue to play, “friends” join in and in a series of graphic, interactive scenes, you can corner the women, rape them again and again.

The game allows you to even impregnate a girl and urge her to have an abortion. The reason behind your assault, explains the game, is that the teenage girl has accused you of molesting her on the train. The motive is revenge.

When does a video game go too far?

It is little wonder that the game, titled RapeLay, sparked international outrage from women’s groups. Taina Bien-Aime helped yank the game off store shelves worldwide.

“This was a game that had absolutely no place on the market,” said Taina Bien-Aime of women’s rights organization Equality Now which has campaigned for the game to be taken off the shelves.

But the controversy that led to stopping sales of the game instead took it viral.

That was how Lucy Kibble and Jim Gardner in Britain heard about it.

“I think the idea that you can do it by wholesale banning is just never going to work anyway because we downloaded it for free off the Internet,” Gardner said.

In the case of RapeLay, he was right. It is still readily available on dozens of Web sites, sometimes for free.

What happened to RapeLay is an example, said Bien-Aime, of why Japan needs to police game makers.

“It’s obviously very difficult to curtail activity on the Internet. But the governments do have a role in trying to regulate this sort of extreme pornography of children, both in their countries, and through the Internet ,” she said, adding that they were calling for the Japanese government “to ban all games that promote and simulate sexual violence, sexual torture, stalking and rape against women and girls. And there are plenty of games like that. ”

Those games are known as “hentai games.” Almost all feature girlish-looking characters. Some of the games are violent — depicting rape, torture and bondage in detail.

Step into a game shop in Akihabara, Japan’s electronics district, and hentai games are readily available. In minutes, we found a game similar to RapeLay. The object here is also revenge: Find and rape the woman who fired the player from his imaginary job. Along the way, the player can rape a number of other girls and women.

Hentai games are not new to Japan. This country has long produced products the rest of the world would call pornographic. But before the arrival of the Internet, such items stayed in Japan. Now, once a game goes on sale in Tokyo, it is digitized and shared everywhere.

Japan does have censorship laws for sexual content. In games and videos, genitalia are obscured, even if it is animated. But Japan’s laws do not restrict the themes and ideas of the games.

A national law that would make possession of real and virtual images of child porn illegal is under discussion, but no serious legislation has moved forward in Japan’s parliament.

CNN contacted the Gender Equality Promotion Division in the Gender Equality Bureau of Japan’s Cabinet Office, which is charged with handling the hentai gaming issue.

Despite repeated calls over a period of weeks, no representative from the government office would comment to CNN on camera. The office refused to make a statement on paper. A spokeswoman would only say over

For the  Full Story …http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/03/30/japan.video.game.rape/index.html?hpt=Sbin


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  4. The idea of censoring video games like this is completely stupid in every sense of the word. When you start controlling what video games ppl can play and content they can see, then it goes, to tv, movies, radio, oh wait, thats already happened with help from the FCC. Just like back in the day of mortal kombat, its taking blame from who is truly responsible for kids should be looking at, the parents. If they start censoring games like this, then what? Halo? Socom? God of war? I mean really, it wont end until were stuck playing pg13 games that are made for kids, this is just ridiculous seriously, I cant really see the issue with a video game, a video game you have a choice to buy and watch, no one is shoving it in your face, ppl had to research this content, look at it of their own free will, then complain about it. Im sorry but you cant please everyone and this is one of those instances.


    • Philippians 4 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. 9 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

      Now….what purpose is there in a game such as this? To virtually humiliate, brutalize, violate, and control another human being. With the loonies that exist today, they will take it further by shutting off the game after getting their rocks off and finding a “real live” subject to reinact their sick need for domination and hurting another human being. YES IT SHOULD BE BANNED, along with anything else that harms or encourages harm to another human. Maybe a picture of your mother, wife, little sister or someone else you love should be inserted into the rapelay game in place of the oriental young girl that is there. Then would it be acceptable to you? Well not to me buddy. I’d ask God for mercy on all of your souls, but I guess I ain’t that good of a Christian.


      • Thanks for offering to save the Asian’s soul – most Japanese are Shinto or Buddhist by the way – guns are disallowed in society, politeness and courtesy are the norm everywhere, and the common citizen should find it one of the safest and most pleasant places to live and raise a normal family. Japan has such outlets for sexual deviance without it really affecting social behavior. Take it from a foreigner who’s spent five years in Tokyo, Japan. It is probably one of the safest, sanest, and well adjusted societies in the world. There are crazy people all over the world, including Japan – but rarely if ever,does this translate into violent or deranged behavior in the real world, unlike in say the US. Just because America is a cesspool of phobias, neuroses, and self-righteous drivel masquerading as Christian salvation, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world is the same way. You dropped the bomb on the Japanese – thanks very much, the rest of the world is grateful – now go find someone else to lecture down to.


      • hey silly… i didnt Drop the Bomb on Anyone, But since you bring it up both Germany and Japan Lost A world war And Both Have weird Sexual Habits, Women cant even go on Subways In Japan…But besides that they Destroyed them selves with their Lost Decade thats still going on… Doing the Same Dumb Socialist Bullshit That Obama Is Doing now


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