Shocking! Did Jefferey Dahmer Murder Little Adam Wash??? Witnesses Come Forward…VIDEO…

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Adam Walsh?

By Charles Montaldo
February 8, 2007

Did Wisconsin serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer kill Adam Walsh, son of “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh in 1981? New speculation linking Dahmer to the kidnapping and murder of Adam has surfaced in the media recently, but John Walsh says he has seen no new evidence linking Dahmer to his son’s death.
The speculation linking Milwaukee’s most famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to Adam Walsh’s murder were printed in a Miami publication, the Daily Business Review, by writer Arthur Jay Harris, an author of true crime books. Harris has written an unpublished book on the Adam Walsh case.

The main points Harris makes linking Dahmer to the Walsh case, using files from the official investigation, include:

Dahmer was in the Miami area at the time Adam disappeared, working at a sandwich restaurant.

After Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee, witnesses said they saw him in the Hollywood, Florida, mall around the time Adam was abducted.

Dahmer had access to a blue van at work. Several witnesses reported seeing a blue van speeding away from the mall the day Adam disappeared.

Two weeks after Adam Walsh disappeared, fishermen found his head in a canal near Vero Beach, 100 miles from Hollywood. His body was never found.
Dahmer Denied Walsh Murder

After Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and charged with multiple murders of young men, he was questioned by FBI investigators about the Adam Walsh case. Dahmer, who was forthcoming and confessed to many other murders and mutilations, denied he had anything to do with the Walsh case and claimed he had never been to the Hollywood area.

Harris, who is trying to sell his book to a publisher, insists the link should be pursued by investigators. “I’m not way off on this,” Harris told reporters. “This is something that needs to be investigated.”

Meanwhile, John Walsh still believes Adam was killed by another serial killer, Ottis Toole, who confessed to the murder on his deathbed. Although DNA evidence that might have linked Poole to Adam was lost by police, clothing similar to Adam’s was found in Poole’s home.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Adam Walsh?

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