(VIDEO) Chelsea Handler’s Sex Tape…It’s No Joke! Most X-rated Routine Ever Performed!

Apr 28, 2010

Late night comedy show host Chelsea Handler made a sex tape — and while she claims she made it as a “joke” — if that’s true, it’s one XXX joke!

RadarOnline.com has viewed the graphic tape, in which Chelsea stars with a male partner, who speaks with a clear British accent.

The tape, which was made nearly a decade ago after Chelsea moved to Los Angeles starts out with Chelsea turning on the camera in what appears to be her apartment. During the first part of the tape, Chelsea is fully clothed in her work uniform. She begins by introducing herself by name before going into a stand-up routine before suddenly cutting to Chelsea and her male partner engaging in an explicit sex act.

Chelsea, who is on all fours on a bed is naked and at several times during the filming she looks directly at the camera. Her breasts are bare and swinging during the sex act. At the end of the “performance”, Chelsea’s partner speaks in a clear British accent, asking, “Did we get the (bleep) shot?” Chelsea looks into the camera and smiles at this point. Then the tape immediately cuts back into Chelsea continuing her stand-up routine in her apartment.

When reached for comment Wednesday afternoon by RadarOnline.com, Chelsea’s rep Steven Huvane said: “The tape you have is an old tape that was done for a stand up comedy bit.”

He indicated that Chelsea would address it on her E! show Wednesday night, and she did. Chelsea, looking very agitated, said she made the tape when she was 23, and added, “I would like to say to RadarOnline.com, thanks for ruining my surprise Christmas gift to my staff, and number two, it was made as a joke. I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club, because I’m a comedienne, and I’ve been showing it at birthday parties for (expletive) years!”

Hmmm… From what RadarOnline.com saw, it’s definitely not a “stand up” comedy bit, and if it’s a routine, it’s the most X-rated routine ever performed!

RadarOnline.com confirmed that the tape was sent out to Hollywood agents as a demo tape when Chelsea was looking to secure work. If it was an attempt to get noticed, it worked!

“This is an old demo tape that Chelsea had put together just a couple years after moving out to Hollywood when she was trying to make it as a comedienne,” the source who showed RadarOnline.com the tape said. It was on a VHS tape and appears to have been taped over.

NASA…Evidence of Life On Mars!!! Aliens On Red Planet??? PHOTOS/VIDEO

NASA…Evidence of Life On Mars!!!

28 Apr 2010

NASA scientists last night unveiled compelling evidence of life on Mars.

A special mission to the Red Planet has revealed the likely presence of a form of pond scum – the building blocks of life as we know it.

NASA unveiled the results of the recent Opportunity and Spirit probes sent millions of miles through the solar system to discover signs of extraterrestrial life.

The results are so promising boffins have already planned a host of other missions to discover whether there is extraterrestrial life in the universe.

The recent missions have gathered evidence of sulphates on Mars, a strong indication there is water on the planet and therefore life.

Previous missions to Mars have concluded there is probably water on the planet.

But the NASA boffins said the recent missions have gone further than any others in proving there is life on Mars.

They were particularly excited about the discovery of a sulphate called gypsum which, it has emerged recently, is found in large quantities among fossils in the Mediterranean.

Jack Farmer, researcher at the Arizona State University, in Tempe, Arizona, said he was “optimistic” there was – or had been – life on Mars.

Another of the scientists Bill Schopf, researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, added: “One, thanks to Opportunity and the rovers and orbital imaging it is clear that there are literally vast areas of Mars that are carpeted with various sorts of sulphates, including gypsum.

“Two, it turns out on earth there just hasn’t been hardly any work done at all to show whether gypsum ever includes within it preserved evidence of former life.

“The age doesn’t matter. We just didn’t know that fossils and organic matter and things like that were well preserved within gypsum.

“So, three, it turns out that now we have made that first step we are going to find out how widespread it is in other sulphate deposits on earth.

“And those lines of evidence will then give us a way to justify going to Mars and looking at gypsum because it looks as though based on these findings that is going to turn out to be a really excellent place to find evidence of ancient life, regardless of age, if in fact it is there.”

Five experts took part in last night’s press conference to celebrate 50 years of astrobiology research.

Dr Steve Squyres, of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, said the only way of being sure there is life on Mars was to bring back a sample of Mars rock.

He also said that the detection of methane in the martian atmosphere – as revealed exclusively by The Sun – raised the possibility that there was still life on Mars today.

for the Full Story…NASA…Evidence of Life On Mars!!!

(VIDEO) Aspiring Dancer Laura Garza’s Remains Found…Sex Offender Michael Mele Suspect…

Discovery of Laura Garza’s body spurs grief – and murder investigation

BY Rocco Parascandola
April 28th 2010

For 16 months, Elizabeth Garza slept with her cell phone on, hoping against hope her missing daughter, Laura, would call.

That changed last Friday, when authorities identified Laura Garza’s remains in a field near Scranton, Pa.

“Turn it off,” Elizabeth Garza told her sister, Isela Villalobos.

“You can only imagine how she feels,” Villalobos told the Daily News. “It’s going to take a lot of time for the healing process to begin.”

Laura Garza, a 25-year-old dancer, left her small Texas town for New York City in 2008 and lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, until she disappeared that December. She was last seen leaving Marquee, a Chelsea nightclub, with sex offender Michael Mele.

The case was cold for 16 months, with Mele refusing to cooperate with state police investigating her disappearance.

But on April 11, the skeletal remains of a woman were found in the field near Scranton. DNA tests later confirmed Garza’s identity, and an autopsy will determine how she died.

When Mele met Garza he was on probation for exposing himself and masturbating on women at a Rockland County mall.

He’s been jailed ever since for failing to register an address change when he moved.

The son of a retired Metropolitan Transportation Authority cop, Mele was recently denied parole, with the board citing his “history of sexually deviant behavior.”

It is not clear if Mele has any ties to Pennsylvania, but New York State Police Capt. Wayne Olson said investigators are looking for witnesses who may have seen Mele near where the body was dumped.

Authorities believe she was killed at his home in Wallkill, Ulster County.

Olson said Mele owned an Infiniti SUV when Garza disappeared. He previously owned a green Jaguar that was stolen in New York City two months before the disappearance.

Anyone who saw Mele in or around Scranton is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police at (570) 963-3156 or New York State Police at (845)344-5300.


Laura Garza’s Remains Found: Michael Mele Seen Leaving Club Marquee With Aspiring Dancer Night Of Disappearance


A DNA analysis confirmed the identity of 25-year-old Laura Garza of Brooklyn. She had moved to New York from McAllen, Texas, five months before she disappeared.

A group of ATV riders found the remains April 11 in Mount Cobb, Pa., several miles outside of Scranton, said Capt. Wayne Olson.

A watch described as one Garza was wearing when she disappeared was found on the remains, Olson said. Forensic experts will be brought in to examine the skeleton and determine how Garza died, he said.

“We’ve been in mourning since Friday, when the police told us,” said a cousin, Isela Villalobos of McAllen, Texas. “It has been very difficult for the family. Laura’s mother was expecting for her daughter to come in the door until that dream was shattered Friday afternoon.

“All we do is think of Laura. We have moments when we cry. We have moments when we laugh,” Villalobos said in a phone interview from her restaurant in Mission, Texas. “Nothing has changed in her home in McAllen.”

“We Speak English”…Gov. Candidate Tim James “Common Sense” Ad Draws Heat…VIDEO

Common Sense vs. Political Correctness

Driver’s License Tests in English Only – a Public Safety Issue
“It makes common sense to ensure everyone with an Alabama driver’s license knows and understands traffic laws and traffic signs. Offering driver’s tests in 12 other foreign languages may be politically correct, but it’s not in the public’s interest to license people to drive when they can’t read traffic signs. On a practical note, people who learn our language enable themselves to take better advantage of opportunities – cultural, economic and educational,” says Tim James.

BIRMINGHAM – April 26, 2010 – Requiring Alabama driver’s license tests in English only is a matter of public safety for the people of this state, according to Tim James, Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama.

“It makes common sense to ensure everyone with an Alabama driver’s license knows and understands traffic laws and traffic signs,” James said. “Offering driver’s tests in 12 other foreign languages may be politically correct, but it’s not in the public’s interest to license people to drive when they can’t read traffic signs. On a practical note, people who learn our language enable themselves to take better advantage of opportunities – cultural, economic and educational.”

He pointed to a 2004 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that attributed a sharp increase in work fatalities in Alabama including a 72% increase in work-related traffic fatalities, to the fact that increasing numbers of employees and drivers could not read or understand warning signs in English. (Source: The Birmingham News, “State workplace perils deadly,” Sept. 23, 2004.)

James said that his current TV ad has captured the attention of several political blogs, including that of left-leaning Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. “YouTube views of this ad have hit over 50,000 since the national blogs posted our ad,” he added.

Common Sense vs. Political Correctness…timjames2010.com

(VIDEO) Scottish Scientists Make Cancer Cells Vanish! Tumours Vanish in 10 Days…

Scientists make cancer cells vanish

Helen Puttick
Herald Scotland
April 28, 2010

Scottish scientists have made cancer tumours vanish within 10 days by sending DNA to seek and destroy the cells.

The system, developed at Strathclyde and Glasgow universities, is being hailed as a breakthrough because it appears to eradicate tumours without causing harmful side-effects. A leading medical journal has described the results so far as remarkable, while Cancer Research UK said they were encouraging.

Dr Christine Dufes, a lecturer at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences and leader of the research, said: “The tumours were completely gone within 10 days. It is fantastic. When you talk about 10 days that is the time frame for curing a cold. Imagine if within 10 days you could completely make a tumour disappear.”

Researchers around the world are trying to find ways to use genes as a cancer treatment, but one problem is ensuring they attack the tumour without destroying healthy tissue.

In laboratory experiments the Strathclyde research team used a plasma protein called transferrin, which carries iron through the blood, to deliver the therapeutic DNA to the right spot. Once in situ the DNA produced a protein that attacked the tumour cells.

The findings have been published in the Journal of Controlled Release, with an accompanying comment from editor Professor Kinam Park, of Purdue University, Indiana, saying other attempts to target genes at cancer cells have “seldom shown complete disappearance of tumours”.

The research was initially supported with a grant from charity Tenovus Scotland, which supports the work of young scientists to help their ideas get off the ground.

Read entire article

VIDEO: President G.W. Bush Was Poisoned at G8…Laura Bush Killed a Man in Car Crash…Ex-First Lady’s Book!

Laura Bush Claims Poisonings, Slams Pelosi and Reid in Upcoming Book

Former First Lady Questions Mysterious Illness at G8 Summit, Opens Up About Deadly Car Accident as Teen

ABC News
April 28, 2010

Two years after moving out of the White House, former first lady Laura Bush opens up in a new book. She takes aim at her husband’s Democratic critics, talks about a deadly teenage car accident and her suspicions that she and her husband may have been poisoned at a summit in Germany.
Former first lady opens up about the fatal accident in “Spoken From the Heart.”

“Spoken From the Heart,” due out next month, may be the most revealing look at Laura Bush’s past and her eight years in the White House.

She writes for the first time about the deadly car accident she caused as a teenager in 1963, how she ran a stop sign on the way to a drive-in theater and struck and killed classmate Mike Douglas.

“I was praying that the person in the other car was alive,” she wrote. “In my mind I was calling, ‘Please God, please God,’ over and over again.”

Bush, who was 17 at the time of the accident, wrote that she was wracked with guilt for years over the boy’s death and for not attending the funeral or reaching out to his parents.

Laura Bush Claims Poisonings, Slams Pelosi and Reid in Upcoming Book

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Laura Bush Car Crash“, posted with vodpod

In memoir, Laura Bush says she, husband may have been poisoned

By Alexander Mooney,
CNN Political Unit
April 28, 2010

(CNN) — Laura Bush is suggesting she, her husband, and several aides were poisoned during a 2007 visit to Germany for the G8 summit — one of several new details in the former first lady’s forthcoming memoir, “Spoken from the Heart.”

Due to be released May 4 but acquired early by The New York Times, Mrs. Bush says she and former President George W. Bush became mysteriously sick on the Germany trip to such a degree that the president became bedridden. According to Mrs. Bush, doctors and the Secret Service investigated the possibility that a poisoning had occurred but were unable to make a definitive conclusion.

News reports filed during the event show that the White House did disclose that Bush missed a series of morning sessions at the summit because he had contracted an apparent virus, but White House officials did not provide further details at the time.

“We never learned if any other delegations became ill, or if ours, mysteriously, was the only one,” Mrs. Bush writes in the new book, according to the New York Times excerpts.

Full Story…In memoir, Laura Bush says she, husband may have been poisoned

Holy VIDEO…Noah’s Ark FOUND? Group Says It’s On Turkey’s Mount Ararat…

Noah’s Ark FOUND? Evangelist Group Says It’s In Turkey…

Huffington Post

Noah’s Ark has been found atop a mountain in Turkey, a team of Turkish and Chinese evangelical explorers said Monday, April 26.

The 15-person team claims to have recovered fragments of wood and pieces of rope from a structure on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey that carbon dating has put at 4,800 years old, roughly coinciding with the time the biblical flood was said to have been occurred.

The team is a joint effort between Hong Kong-based Media Evangelism, Noah’s Ark Ministry International and the Turkish government.

Yeung Wing-Cheung, a member of the team, told AFP, “It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it.”

He said that the structure at the site featured wooden beams and several compartments that were believed to house animals.

Wing-Cheung added that local officials will ask the Turkish government to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status, to protect the site while further archaeological excavation is carried out.

However, the group has not revealed the location of the site beyond saying that it is 12,000 feet up the mountain. It has also failed to produce exterior photos of the structure.

Nicholas Purcell, a lecturer in Ancient History at Oxford University, called the claims “the usual nonsense,” according to the Daily Mail.

“If floodwaters covered Eurasia 12,000 feet deep in 2,800 BC, how did the complex societies of Egypt and Mesopotamia, already many centuries old, keep right on regardless?” he said.

Full Story …Noah’s Ark FOUND? Evangelist Group Says It’s In Turkey

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