(VIDEO) OOPS…Michelle Obama Admits Pres. Obama’s Home Country is Kenya – MAKE THIS VIRAL

(VIDEO) OOPS…Michelle Obama Admits Pres. Obama’s Home Country is Kenya – MAKE THIS VIRAL

Michelle Obama: Kenya is Obama’s Home Count

April 5, 2010

Obama’s wife admits what many have long suspected — her husband’s home country is Kenya. Does this mean Obama was born in the African country as many have long suggested? Maybe. It should be enough to re-open the “birther” case against Obama.

It won’t be, of course, because the establishment media controls the debate over the issue. Even so, the video clip below should be added to the case — that is so long as it remains posted on YouTube.


  1. Come on Guys we all have ancestors and do that mean we are anyless American? What is it, is it the fact that he is not a member of the white race then you probably call him Russian or something else. Get a life and let the man do his job, he did not start this mess. I am sure if McCain or Palin were in office you would have something else to say about their preformance.

    “I SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT 100,000,000%”


  2. just more proof to get rid of him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. You realize this could easily (VERY easily, in fact) mean that he has ancestors from Kenya, right? Like when people encourage African-Americans to visit their homeland when there are very few that were actually born in Africa.


    • It could mean that yes, even thought his grandmother said he was born there but thats not even the reason he shouldnt be president for me, Bush Stole 2 elections with the help of Carl Rove and His Computer Friend who rigged the Booths ( said friend Now DEAD) and Obama… I mean Barry Soetoro was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, who was An indonesian citizen and Little Barry went to School in Indonesia… Ok Follow this , In order to go to school on Indonesia You had to be an Indonesian Citizen ( because of the war going on at the time) . So he was regestered as Barry Soetoro Indonesian citizen Muslim ,,, my Question is when did he LEGALLY Cnage his name back to Barrak Obama? When did He Take the Citizenship test ? and Why did he seal ALL of His Records the Minute he ook Office? Most Transparent? ha ha ha Hes Just continuing what Bush and the rest have done …


      • ARe you serious? My grandparents came from Yugoslavia and Germany and referred to their homeland as the land of the ancestors. NEVER AS THEIRS..they were proud to be AMERICAN after getting citizenship. We know BOZO and his wife were only proud after succeeding the progressive agenda of getting the white house.

        I always say my ancestor’s homeland etc.

        YOU DO NOT CLAIM HOMELAND unless you were born there. He can’t say WHERE he was born..his attorneys and all the money they raised for him is keeping the courts busy.

        Get real..this man is no more AMERICAN than Putin!

        This man is a disaster…putting down Americans every time he opens his mouth..calling AMERICANS anti government tea baggers, anti AMERICANS..calling the military selfish and home grown terrorists….throwing the supreme court under the bus on national TV for the world to see (when BOZO WAS WRONG)….and then telling us it is ok to go kill the Muslims but we can’t call them radical anymore….and the final insult is to tell AMERICA to bring it on. CHALLENGING AMERICA to fight with him. WHAT PRESIDENT DOES THAT? He is so unprofessional and so disgusting I am EMBARRASSED for this country and the people that were blind enough to vote for him.


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