“Shots Fired VIDEO”…Andrei Mendierej, Who Filmed Polish Plane Crash VIDEO…Has Been Assasinated!!!

“Shots Fired VIDEO” Andrei Mendierej, Who Filmed Polish Plane Crash VIDEO…Has Been Assasinated!!!

by Philippe Öhlund
April 21, 2010

Andrei Mendierej, the amateur filmmaker from Smolensk is dead.

This is the second movie – the first one was deleted and its author Andrei Mendierej, who shot the film, is now dead.

He was stabbed near Kijow, and transported in critical condition to the hospital in Kijow.

There three unidentified individuals unplugged him from life support system and stabbed him three more times.

Andrei was pronounced dead that afternoon.

Russian government claims it was a coincidence.

There are many questions after the Polish plane crash in Smolensk.

Why was the first video deleted?

What happened to the pilots?

The cockpit was saved, but strangely enough the bodies of the pilots were never found.

Why were there gun shots after the Polish plane had crashed?

You can hear four gun shots in the movie.

And who was that black man who was shot?

Some speculate Georgian operatives shot down the airliner with a shoulder fired missile, then shot survivors at the scene.

But a Polish MP claimed Russia engineered the air crash that killed President Kaczynski, according to Daily Mail.

Someone in the video is seen laying down, dressed in white, and putting his arms up.

Who was that and what happened to him?

Then the deputy head of the Polish Church was killed in a car accident returning home from funeral ceremonies for President Lech Kaczynski.

The Polish Church said Bishop Mieczyslaw Cieslar (60) died last night near the city of Lodz, according to Belfast Telegraph.

“Vigilate itaque omni tempore orantes, ut digni habeamini fugere ista omnia, quae futura sunt, et stare ante Filium hominis”, Luke 21:36.

Original Article….Man Who Filmed Polish Plane Crash VIDEO…Has Been Assasinated!!!


  1. […] It was among others reported and it circulated that the author of the film actually Andrej Mendierej, was stabbed in Kiev on 15 April 2010. Then transported to hospital in sever condition, only to be subsequently stabbed again and disconnected from the hospital equipment, ultimately leading to his death/murder. (Source) […]




  3. fuck russians


  4. I want to say that I was shoked when I first sow that video vith gunshots. I have 1 question: Why Polish side does not says something about that video? Why they have no questions about it? Poor guy Andrei Mendierej (Андрей Мендирей) was punished for capturing that video! In whole Russian sites you can not find any information about Андрей Мендирей.


  5. Main question:

    What happened on heiight about 100 meters when pilot had vey good couse to land and suddenly turns left about 15 degrees and goes down? MAK comission gave info that plane autopilot was turned off 5-6 sek. before crash. Pilots tryed to pull-up once they realized that they will hit the land.

    This is not a istake of the pilot. Russian plane IL-76 landing before Polish TU-154M lux about 1.5 minutes were almost in the same place as Polish plane, but did not and up so tragicly. Russian plane cut the power line at 08:39:30 and cut down the trees also. Objective witnesses like trees are cut down, why?

    Insted the dezinformation is produced and pushed in all media, why?

    Defenetly Polish plane could not disengrade that much and have 100% on board people ded. Crash from about 8-10 meters in muddy area and young tree/bush place. TU-154M is vey strong riddgid plane that can land on grass or on runway with 3 ft of snow and nothing gona happen.

    Two planes two different pilots with two different navigation systems and both in the same place. Something is very very wrong in this crash, this is a fact.


  6. Ruussians have always acted to the detriment of the majority of Poles in collaboration with a minority of Polish bloody traitors. Communsim was unsolicited ideology in Poland and has always been pet aversion for Poles.


  7. No proof !!!! Im not even sure of translations. This story lacks any backing.


  8. Seeing further in, and seeming my point was perfectly correct this might be an act from Russia, though nothing points for a rocket, perhaps the russians sabotaged the plane or blackmailed the captain


  9. Fake speculations, + the translations in the movie are incorrect and misleading, they did not say don’t kill us etc, read the REAL translate below.

    1:37 Russian: “Davaite nahui otsuda!” – English: “Get the fuck out of here!” (NOT “Give me the gun”)
    1:38 Russian: “Idi otsuda” – English: “Go away!” (NOT “Don’t kill us”)
    2:20 “Vse nazad. Ukhodim otsuda” – means “Everybody go back! get out of here now!” NOT “Change plan”


  10. When I find out about this plain crash on Saturday morning (April 10) I had no doubt who did it. Wladimir Putin !!!!!! in cooperation with the polish prime-minister Donald Tusk.
    Tusk many times had said to the polish president Lech Kaczynski ” You will die like the ducks. Mr Tusk all time was cooperating with germans and Mr Putin against president Lech Kaczynski. Lech Kaczynski was a great polish president . He WAS SERVING Poland and the polish people with the highest responsibility . He was ready to cooperate with Russia after release of all documentation about Horrible Genocide of all polish genarals and polish inteligence (25,000 + ) in 1940-1941. Russia always refused.
    First they accused Hitler, later they admited but never released documentation of this occurance. This was Genocide of not only polish people. This was a horrible Genocide of about 60.000 plus russians, ukrainians and other nationalities under the power of the communist regime. In regard of president Lech Kaczynski I have to ad, that he was not only great patriot , he was very religious men like the most polish people. He was well educated lawyer and was legal adviser (brain) of polish Solidarity.
    Mr Tusk quite oposite, great careerist. He bacame a prime-minister with the help of west-european liberals and Stefan Batory’s Foundation (Established by George Soros) Mr Tusk as a person has no patriotic nor religious velues. His continuous cooperation with Poland’s neighbours against centro-right party (PIS) and always against president Lech Kaczynski leaded him to betray his own country.

    Mr Wladimir Putin as a former KGB in Eastern Germany used weakness of Mr Tusk ,met with him few times. Lately 3 days before “Plane crash” they both “were celebrating” 70 Universary of Katyn without inviting polish president Lech Kaczynski.
    They knew, that three days later, on Saturday polish president with polish delegation
    wil be celebrating main, official universary of 70 years of Katyn .
    Mr Putin introduced Mr Tusk his sicret plan of “plain crash” of polish delegation.
    Plan was approved by both sides. (Pact of Katyn).,

    On Friday navigation equipment has been removed, all bulbs from landing area removed and new landing area in a forest was designated for a polish airplain.
    Just before landing presidend’s plain got a shot from the ground to the left wing to cause a crash. On the ground few people were waiting to kill survivers. ( Perfect plan ,perfect crime and Katyn II Genocide was done) ( Some people suspect that Mr Putin used e-bomb on polish airplain). Prezident of Russia Mr Miedwiediew in the intervew stated that this “airplain crash” was a litll bit mystical. He was right.

    This was precisely 5-th universary of death of John Paul II, the Great: Saturday and vigil of Divine Merci Sunday. John paul II ” dream was to go to Katyn to show the world ,to reveaj to the whole world this horrible Genocide. Russia never agreed for his visit. Now after this Barbaric Attack of presidential airplain whole world find out about russian Katyn Genocide i ( around 60.0000 of human beings brutally murdered) and Katyn Genocide II.(96 people, 2 presidents , founder of polish Solidarity, all generals of polish armii, half of polish government , all great polish patriots). John Paul II dream became a reality and wil be called by polish people Miracle of Katyn. Now Mr Putin is a head of investigation of his horrible Crime and Mr Tusk is trying to become a president.
    Originators of this crime must be brought to justice. Polish people call International Community for help. God bless kazi mierz


  11. Never believe freakin russians..


  12. well this will became a big world affair! and now polish people will build anti missile and radar system against Russia even without US support…


  13. […] Andrei Mendierej, the amateur filmmaker from Smolensk is dead. This is the second movie – the first one was deleted and its author Andrei Mendierej, who shot the film, is now dead. He was stabbed near Kijow, and transported in critical condition to the hospital in Kijow. There three unidentified individuals unplugged him from life support system and stabbed him three more times. Andrei was pronounced dead that afternoon. Russian government claims it was a coincidence. Andrei Mendierej […]


    • ‘Russian government claims it was a coincidence’ – Is there any confirmation (statement by the Russian Govt.) either in writing or on video?
      Is there any confirmation that a guy called Andrei Mendierej was stabbed, and taken to Kijow Hospital?
      These confirmations would greatly increase the force of the revelations, but for some reason no video or blog has provided them.
      London, UK


  14. has anybody newer informations about andreis killers?


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