(PHOTO) Kentucky Coach Tommy Cook…Dale Earnhardt Jr. “Stole My Wife” Hot Amy Reimann

Kentucky Coach Tommy Cook…Dale Earnhardt Jr. “Stole My Wife” Hot Amy Reimann

National Enquirer

NASCAR superstar DALE EARNHARDT Jr. has zoomed off with another man’s bride, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

The hard-partying 35-year-old bachelor got involved with gorgeous interior decorator Amy Reimann, and broke up her marriage to a college football coach, insiders say.

“Dale Earnhardt stole my wife!” Amy’s ex-husband Tommy Cook, an assistant defensive line coach at the University of Kentucky, told a pal.

And Cook’s father confirmed the multimillionaire driver is dating his former daughter-in-law.

“My son’s not talking about this. No one in the family is.

“All I can say is your story’s true.

“Amy and Dale have been involved for a while,” Tommy Cook Sr., of Bullard, Texas, told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

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  1. why can’t people fine better things to talk about, don’t. You think Dale Jr has enough to worry about! !! Why should he have to defend his self to anyone leave the man alone, and anyway who among you reading this is without fault not me and i am sure not you.You know there are so many women and men running around why not give all there names No! I didn’t think so. Good day


  2. Can I put some of this on my blog if I include a link to this site?


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