WTF? Teacher Sherri Lynn Davis Viciously Beats 13 yo Student…RAW VIDEO

Teacher Sherri Lynn Davis Viciously Beats 13 yo Student…RAW VIDEO

May 13, 2010
by Post Team

Teacher Beats Student:HOUSTON (CBS / KHOU) When your teacher supported a fellow in the corner, students at a charter school in the Houston area thought it was a joke – but apparently became a terrible and brutal beating was recorded tape.

Video Cell Phone alleged beatings at school in the Houston area. (KHOU)

Sherri Davis, a science teacher at the School House Jamie Charter, allegedly backed 13-year-old Isaiah Johnson in a corner and began hitting him while his companions watched.

At the beginning of the video you can hear the laughter and applause from the students as Isaiah is cornered by Davis after Isaiah reports, one classmate joked. Janique But Johnson, a student who recorded video on your cell phone, says Davis, “snapped” and began beating the 13-year-old, according to CBS affiliate KHOU.

The teacher “just started beating him up,” Johnson said Janique KHOU. “His behavior may have been wrong, but did not deserve that,” said Johnson, referring to the jokes that preceded the alleged beatings.

Davis was placed on administrative leave when school officials learned of the incident in late April, but was fired Monday after authorities saw the video.

Teacher Beats Student Video


  1. This little b@$tard needed to have some sense beat into him. I love how people see one side of things and jump all over the teacher. i guess you all (who are defending this little punk) missed the part where this punk and some of his friends locked the teacher out of the classroom then cornered a disables female classmate and backed her into a corner making her fear bodily harm. Oh yes but poor little boy he was just an innocent bystander. Maybe this female teacher giving the little brat a few good licks will keep him from growing up and abusing women. As far as I can see this teacher did what his lax mother should have done years ago. I am willing to bet this punk does not have a dad in the picture either. Just trash rasing trash. Sadly after the court payout it will be rich trash.


  2. i guess no one here was ever a kid. probably rooted for Ms. Trenchbull in ‘Matilda’ during the fight in the last scene.


    case closed.


  3. No one can understand until they are out in that situation. How many times do have to tell a child something. More schools need to have a no tolerance policy for bullshit! Parents need to be held accountable. She did nothing wrong in my eyes! It is just a matter of time!


    • I do understand because I am in that situation on a daily basis. What if it were your kid???


  4. Folks here’s an Al Sharpton observation.

    First the court procedures are being addressed and the teacher has been fired.
    Rev. Al usually bases his protests on nothing having been done.
    What more would you have him advocate?

    Secondly, it can be surmised that Rev. Al believes that alleged bullies should not have the rod spared. Furthermore, the rights of defenseless females and those with disabilities or special needs must be defended even at the cost of one’s career and freedom.

    To the Fathers out there. If your daughter were under the threat of physical harm from an alleged bully, would you vote for a “Time Out” or react as Ms. Davis did?

    Be honest. Many Fathers would jump directly into the fray. Or least be appreciative that someone was there to intercede on their behalf.

    Perhaps I missed the event.

    I ask where are the Women’s Rights advocates? Why are they not raising a Politically Correct Champion to replace Ms. Davis in defending defenseless girls and women.

    Where are the advocates for Persons with Disabilities? Are they sponsoring a Politically Correct champion to defend these constituents?

    Too often when crimes are committed against these groups, the question is raised as to why no one noticed the warning signs–failed to intervene. Much too often, the news is filled with sympathetic histories focused on the perpetrators rather than the victims. Ms. Davis recognized these warning signs and interceded instinctively on behalf of the intended victim.

    In the case of Ms. Davis, the alleged Bully is free to return to classes. What is there to prevent this individual, or other like minded individuals, from continuing to taunt and terrorize previous victims? What profound trepidation these unprotected students must feel. Perhaps they were stunned by the zeal shown by Ms. Davis in her advocacy. Perhaps they are even more stunned to see an alleged Bully made into a victim/hero while the Protector is deemed to be a criminal. Who will intercede on their behalf now? Now, that the message has been sent that a Bully is untouchable. Where are the revered discipline skills of the Catholic Nuns?
    Many of you may remember that they did not spare the rod!

    What does this event say about the parenting skills provided to this alleged Bully? Some of your readers may remember this: ‘If you get a beating at school–you’ll get double when you get home.” Why? Because the parents knew that the child was almost certainly out of line. In this instance, “Old School” etiquette would require that the parents of this alleged Bully apologize profusely to the the parents of this girl and to the school administration. Moreover, they would be assured that thanks to the double-measure received at home, the alleged Bully would definitely not be guilty of any repeat offenses.

    Let us assume that there is “Zero Tolerance” for physical violence or threats of violence being issued while on campus.

    Thus, the teacher must be let go. By the same token, the Bully instigating the threat ought to surely be expelled–at the very least suspended.


    • Well I say Kudos to the teacher, and please this was not a brutal beating , I would never bring blood to a child but if the child himself was out of control or bullying a disabled child, you bet I would do the same thing. He probably got worse whipping at home . well just my opinion I think the kid will survive. C


  5. Yes i have as well.. thank you


  6. again ‘dishonesty NEVER works for the good’. Sorry, my excuse is I’m tired…LOL


  7. sorry, meant to write ‘I presume our “pro-black-no-matter-what” viewpoint is maintained because the media and other groups in our culture think that somehow it will help the black community but dishonesty works for the good.’


    • Most blacks beat there children any way. It stems from slavery when the slave master use to beat there ancestors. It’s been passed down from generation to generation. And the sad thing is most people who are on here applauding the teacher probaly is white. Some people feel good when you mistreat black people such as these making comments. If the child was white every white person on here would not be applauding anyone, racist. This teacher was wrong you wouldn’t want this to happen to your child or anyone elses in the race your in.


  8. black on black crime. where is rev al sharpton? can you imagine the outcry if teacher had been white? wonder why her race is NEVER mentioned in any written reports? We only discover it on the video. can anybody say “racism”? can anybody say “evasion” or “denial”? I’m not saying davis is wrong. frankly, some people deserve a good beating so they’ll wake up and get a clue or at least shut up and stop bothering everybody. my point is the blatant bias in the media and our denial as a society and culture of the reality of our bias. I presume our pro-black “no matter what” is maintained because they think that somehow it will help but dishonesty never does any good. It trivializes black on black crime and most certainly creates increasing hostility in the black communities against the dishonest press and against their so-called “leaders” or “role models” for ignoring the real problems. Because if the real problems within the black community (if there is such a thing – I couldnt tell you what a “white” community is since there are thousands of “white” cultures, communities, neighborhoods, etc, all of which have differences.) were solved by the communities themselves, guys like sharpton would be out of work and the media would lose a huge source of news.


  9. Sheri Lynn Davis had an outstanding warrant since March 2009, for slashing four tires, wow what a stellar teacher. I doubt if your tires were slashed that you would be defending her. That is over a year and the School did not know? Sure, what are they all idiots? Do they cover-up like the Catholic Church? Only time will tell. We all know that if the school had suspended her before this attack that we would not be here talking about this crazy woman.

    I know the Police are investigating this and their job will be to defend the teacher and the school from lawsuits, so we all know how their report will read.

    To all the teachers out there if you lose your temper and corner a child to beat them, drag them around on the floor and slam their their head into a wall then in my book its assault and battery and you should go to jail, case close.

    If the teacher real did this because the student was making fun of someone or talking back, well that is a teaching moment that all students, if handled properly and like an adult, all the children could have benefit from.

    I do not mind spanking from parents but I surely do not condone spanking from angry third parties, who already have violent tendencies and no teaching credentials.


  10. “Viciously beats”? I think that’s a bit overboard. Anyway, it sounds to me like the bratty kid had it coming. Obviously, this kid wasn’t used to ever being disciplined for rude, abusive comments, so he felt he could get away with them in class. When I went to school, the kid would have been in more trouble than the teacher.


  11. […] Sheri Lynn Davis, 40, was fired Monday by Jamie's House Charter School. However, she won't lose her teaching certificate because she never had one, t… WTF? Teacher Sherri Lynn Davis Vicously Beats 13 Yo Student…RAW […]


    • Is she an Americore volunteer? Where did she go to school and how many years had she been teaching prior to this insident? It has been reported taht she had another misdomeaner pending before this beating? What type of background investigation was done before she was hired?


  12. WTF? Teacher Sherri Lynn Davis Vicously Beats 13 yo Student?RAW ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


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