Tween Star Justin Bieber’s Face Crashes Into Revolving Door…Funny VIDEO

Justin Bieber Face Hits Revolving Door

Celebrity Gossip & Celebrity News
May 21, 2010

Justin Bieber Face Hits Revolving Door – Justin Bieber might be known as a smooth ladies man by most of his fans and followers, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a moment of lapse every now and then himself. A recent incident left Bieber feeling embarrassed.

He had been attempting to walk through a revolving door while he was in Germany on May 20. The 16 year old coveted singer was playing around while he was walking through the door, and accidentally smashed his face into the glass. After hitting his face, you can see Bieber yell “Ow, ow!” toward his aides.

After the initial embarrassment died down, Bieber was able to share a laugh with his aides about the matter, and even pointed at the cameraman who caught the incident on tape, laughing it off as he did so.

“Yo, what up, I just walked into that door. My forehead hurts,” Bieber said to the cameraman. “I thought what happened was I pushed and it opened but obviously it didn’t and I walked right into the window.”

Bieber said that he was still sore after nailing his head on the glass door, although he said that he was able to see how the event was funny. He would later write the following message in a Twitter status update;
“I think my head still hurts from running into that door..haha. Only thing you can do in times like that is laugh at yourself..and laugh hard.”

Justin Bieber Face Hits Revolving Door

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  1. hi justin..i’m fans of you…i like your music and video


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