Bullfighter Julio Aparicio GORED THROUGH THROAT During Bullfight (GRAPHIC PHOTOS VIDEO)

Bullfighter Julio Aparicio GORED IN THROAT During Bullfight

By Mail Foreign Service
22nd May 2010

Spanish matador Julio Aparicio needed two operations after he was horrifically gored through the throat during a bullfight in Madrid.
The half-ton bull, called Opiparo, struck after Julio Aparicio lost his footing and stumbled while carrying out a pass with is red cape in a packed Las Ventas bullring.
One of the animal’s horns tore into his throat and punched through the bottom of his mouth as the crowd screamed in horror at the bullfight last night.

The force of the impact lifted the matador into the air, puncturing his tongue and fracturing his jawbone, before the bull threw him to the sand.
Fellow matadors dashed to the rescue and managed to distract the bull so medics could get to Mr Aparicio.
The 41-year-old managed to struggle to his feet, but collapsed with blood pouring down his neck and had to be carried from the ring.
He had an emergency one-hour operation in the Las Ventas medical centre, before being transfered to the October 12 Hospital in Madrid, where doctors performed an emergency tracheotomy and worked to reconstruct his jaw, tongue and the roof of his mouth during a six-hour operation.

A spokesman for the hospital said: ‘He remains in the intensive care unit of the hospital, has regained consciousness and his vital signs are stable.’
His father, also called Julio Aparicio, said there were no complications during the surgery.

Matador escapes death by the skin of his teeth after horrific goring in Madrid bullfight

CtPatriot:  It’s a Bull Stupid, This is What They Do…


  1. i agree with all these people.there is no place in this world of ours for people who torture and kill any animal and the goverment of spain and other countries that let these happenings continue should be so ashamed because the majority of humans dislike this very much and any persons going to these bullfights should be labelled and frowned upon,shame,shame,on you all,and the matadors,well they,re all low life mongrels and thats too good for them


  2. Wow, thats gotta be painful


  3. I think the Goverment of Spain reads this website as they’ve recently voted to cease bullfighting.


  4. shit hurt hahahhahhahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahha


  5. i think we should continue this wonderfull sport but with spectators as matador fighters ramming spears up their asses! 🙂 oooo happy days!


  6. just kill those bullfighters if you see them, and here’s how… spit in their faces, ram knives up their asses, stomp his balls up his pelvis, skullfuck him in group formation for 40 hours non stop… them put him on public display for extra spitting and tomatoe action, he does not deserve a life.


    • Your so low you must not have a life, this is a wonderful tradition and should be respected by other countries considering most Europe countries support it. Everyone has their opinion and yeah I’m all up to hear it but when people start going to far and dis my culture then yeah I’m going to get angry and obviously say something. I get where your coming from but the bull isn’t being killed, the danger is on the matador and it’s their bravery which keep this tradition alive and such a great thing to be apart of so keep your gruesome comments to yourself.


      • Did you mention the word culture?
        Do you even know what that means?
        There can’t be dirty words enough to comment about bull fighting
        and the idiots that call them bull fighters. I have never and seen a bullfight in real, but if I knew that the fighter would die….well that would be nice to see.


      • is it a wonderful tradition to take a life in such a manner and yet we don’t even have bodies to support meat alone to where if we have no veggies that we would die??? is it a wonderful tradition to cause pain??? you’re a fucking confused and young minded person that needs serious help with your living mannerisms!!!


      • there is NO matidor bravery ever as the poor bull has been deliberately weakened by giving it something to make it have the shits for a long time and then they put vaseline into thier eyes and much more so where the hell are you at.its not a fair fight at all ever,your fooling nobody.shame on spain and other countries that do this to our lovely animals.they have a right in this world as much as you so respect and love them as they like any other animal will try to kill you if you torment them and be soooo cruel to them .i say ban it and all cruelty to animals,they are our friends


  7. I Agree what you all say here ,, it is their tradition and every one has it, if you all are so human , try not to eat any sort of meat ……… we can not draw a line between two beast.. A human and an animal.. Human are biggest on the earth, but they allow everything..What their own convenience allows……….easy guys.. Will be more civilized by and by..



  8. […] through the bottom of his mouth as the crowd screamed in horror at the bullfight last night. Bullfighter Julio Aparicio GORED THROUGH THROAT During Bullfight (GRAPHIC PHOTOS VIDEO) Brits in Spain Dealing with Debt Reply With Quote […]


  9. I just would like to congratulate Mr Aparicio on being gored through the neck and jaw by the glorious bull. It was a sight to behold and I wish he had been gored through the eyes instead, or at least have the bull’s horn emerge from his eye sockets.

    I’ve read he continues to suffer infection and pray to Enlil and Enki that his condition continue to deteriorate.

    May Mr Aparicio be lowered six feet deep in time to come as he is not worthy of living a life as his.

    I continue to hope that similar matadors meet a similar or worse fate with each and every bullfighting event.



  10. While i don’t at any level agree with what those people are doing to animals, i could not wish any human this kind of fate. I must say though that since the bull clearly won, he should have been treated like a king for the rest of his life, instead of being put down.


  11. He deserved to have his ears cut off and more! What pigs to do this to these poor creatures.
    They obviously need to abuse to make themselves a man!


    • I thought when the bull “won” he stayed alive, in fact whaterver he does he’s killed at the end, c’est dégueulasse.


  12. the best contrast is seeing the guy one moment before being gored posing like all this shitheads of matadors like masters over life and death, and then after the accident you see this silly expression in his face and him not knowing whats going on . its always nice to see a preposterous human being humiliated.and bear in mind, this guy is a killer, what he does to an animal because it can not defend itself properly he would do to a human as well if he didnt have to fear punishment.so fuck that faggot, he should have died.


  13. I agree with Martuska


  14. I didn’t read any single comment in favor of the bullfighter. I’m not surprised. What these stupid guys do are not but a barbarie. In fact, most of people, as me, were happy. The bullfighter felt the taste of his own blood. He will probably never apeak again and even have difficult in swallowing cause his tongue may have been seriouly injured.


  15. This guy is a dirtbag and got what he deserved. The bull should not have been punished what so ever.


  16. Shame it didn’t kill him.


  17. I dont feel sorry for him look what he did to the bull. What does he expect?


  18. These poor animals are pushed to the limit and eventually they snap! This is nothing compared to what the human is capable of doing. I’m sure they’ll all get over it! As long as the profit is coming in by the millions $$$$$$$$$$ they will continue to torture these animals but… next time, this guy may not be so lucky.


    • I Agree what you all say here ,, it is there tredition and every one has it, if you all are so human , try not to eat any sort of meat ……… we can not draw a line between two beast.. a human and a animal .. human are biggest on the earth ,, but they allow everything ..what their own convenience allows……….easy guys.. wil be more civilised by and by..


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