(SHOCKING VIDEO) 2-Year Old Indonesian Ardi Rizal…Indonesian Chain Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day!!!

Ardi Rizal, 2-Year Old Indonesian…Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day

Apex News Network
By Benjamin Gladwell
May 26, 2010

A recent YouTube video, entitled “2 Year Old Smoking Cigarette” is currently making it’s way around the Internet. Although the video is making quite a stir, one must wonder why people are so anxious to see this little boy partaking in such a bad habit at such an early age.

The little boy is from a village in Indonesia, and reportedly smokes two packs of cigarettes per day. According to his mom, the boy is highly addicted to cigarettes, and throws a severe temper tantrum anytime he is not allowed to have a cigarette.

When his dad was asked about the 2 year old smoking a cigarette, he replied that the boy looked healthy to him, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

While we certainly understand cultural differences from one country to another, certainly these parents realize that a 2 year old should not be smoking cigarettes, much less chain smoking.

What do you think? Is this video worthy of the enormous attention that it’s receiving on the Internet? Should the parents be allowing the 2 year old to chain smoke?

You can see the “2 Year Old Smoking a Cigarette” video here:

2 Year Old Smoking Cigarette Video

1 Comment

  1. That kid needs to go on a diet. Quitting smoking makes your weight go up, doesn’t it? Take away the Twinkies before you go after the Marlboro.


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