Gaza Flotilla Attack VIDEOS: Israel IDF Forces Fired On Sleeping Civillians In The Darkness?…Watch VIDEO…

Israel Forces Fired On Sleeping Civillians Under Cover Of Darkness

Heavily armed soldiers “began to shoot the moment their feet hit the deck”

Steve Watson
May 31st, 2010

While the Israeli government is praising it’s soldiers as heroes and saying they were acting in self defense by firing on unarmed civilians flying a white flag in international waters, one group involved with the Freedom Flotilla has a quite different story.

A spokeswoman for Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Avital Leibovich, claims that Israeli officers gave several warnings before boarding the the Turkish boat, the Mavi Marmara.

Somehow, according to Leibovich, when the soldiers did board the boat, they were then attacked by unarmed activists and relieved of their guns – a claim that is not backed up by video footage of the ambush.

Leibovich told reporters “We found ourselves in the middle of a lynching,”

“We didn’t look for confrontation but it was a massive attack,” she said. “What happened was a last resort.”

This story is on its face ridiculous.

The following press release came from , one of the aid groups involved in the flotilla, in the wake of the attack:

Under darkness of night, Israeli commandoes dropped from a helicopter onto the Turkish passenger ship, Mavi Marmara, and began to shoot the moment their feet hit the deck.

They fired directly into the crowd of civilians asleep. According to the live video from the ship, two have been killed, and 31 injured. Al Jazeera has just confirmed the numbers.

Streaming video shows the Israeli soldiers shooting at civilians, and our last SPOT beacon said, “HELP, we are being contacted by the Israelis.”

As things currently stand 20 people are thought to have been killed in the attack.

While the IDF and the Israeli government claim that their soldiers were attacked by violent political agitators wielding knives, several videos of those on board the boats and scenes from their voyage reveal that they are peaceful civilians that could not possibly constitute any threat to one of the most powerful armies on the planet.

In the following clip American born pro-Palestinian activist Huwaida Arraf, the Free Gaza Movement chairperson and delegation co-coordinator for the flotilla, explains the mission of the flotilla noting that “Israel is threatening to attack us, to use force if necessary when it is obvious that we are average civilians, we don’t constitute any threat except for the fact that we want to stand up for the right of the Palestinian people to lead a life with dignity.”

Arraf is also the co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the stated mission of which is to “resist the Israeli occupation of the West Bank using nonviolent tactics”.

Just before being kidnapped by Israel, Arraf stated that: “No one could possibly believe that our small boat constitutes any sort of threat to Israel. We carry medical and reconstruction supplies, and children’s toys. Our passengers include a Nobel peace prize laureate and a former U.S. congressperson. Our boat was searched and received a security clearance by Cypriot Port Authorities before we departed, and at no time did we ever approach Israeli waters.”

As a Reuters clip from almost two weeks ago highlights, the activists and humanitarian workers were outraged at the fact that the Israeli government openly announced that it would use force against unarmed civilians if they attempted to break the blockade against Gaza…

Here is another video of one of the activists involved with the Freedom Flotilla, Irishman Shane Dillon, Mate on Challenger 1. The scenes aboard the boat clearly show that this was a humanitarian mission, not some kind of dangerous guerilla fleet:

The boat in this clip, in addition to another boat, Challenger II, are are flagged and registered in the United States which means they are U.S. territory.

The Free Gaza movement has stated “Therefore we expect the U.S. government to intervene if U.S. property is wrongly confiscated by Israeli authorities as they have threatened.”

The ships, manned by 700-800 activists and politicians from more than 40 countries, are carrying 10,000 tonnes of cargo including building materials, medical supplies and paper for schools. One boat is carrying a complete dental surgery including drills, another has crayons and chocolate intended for Gazan children. All the cargo has been paid for by public donations.

Other videos and images of the flotilla featured on the website show that the boats were clearly marked as humanitarian vessels:

For elements of the mainstream media to publish, without any challenge, comments by Israeli officials claiming that this mission was violent or dangerous in any way shape or form is utterly reprehensible.

Not content with violating every international humanitarian agreement there is, the Israeli government with its latest actions is now engaged in violation of the UN convention on the Law of The Sea, which provides for “freedom of navigation” and states that “The high seas shall be reserved for peaceful purposes.”

The Palestinian people have been preparing for over a month to receive the aid boats, working on deepening the harbor in Gaza:

Now thanks to the Israeli “heroes” that ambushed and slaughtered sleeping humanitarians in the night, all that hard work will go unrewarded.


  1. As a Israeli, I to am against the ongoing siege on the Gaza strip

    But the latest events make me ask myself, who where the people on the upper deck on the “marmara” that morning? ? Humanitarian activists? Peaceful protesters? aid givers who care only for the welfare of the people in Gaza ? Why were all the others ordered to go under deck? Why did all nine victims have so much cash inside their pockets?

    Here is footage of the “civilians and peaceful in nature” activists getting ready for the Israeli forces

    If it was humanitarian aid that those people wanted to give, why didn’t they want to let it enter threw Israel, after being checked ?

    Where is the aid? How much humanitarian aid was there (in all 6 ships)? 25 containers! A quarter of the daily amount of containers entering from Israel

    Why is all the world so surprised? The people on the ships new they were breaking an Israeli ongoing effort to siege Gaza. By doing so, they should have anticipated a conflict with the Israeli army. As seen very clearly in the footage, the people on deck attacked the soldiers ones they landed on board. Soldiers where beaten, stabbed and thrown over deck. By doing so they should have anticipated the use of deadly force.

    Andre Abu Khalil, a Lebanese cameraman for Al Jazeera TV, said activists initially wounded and captured four Israelis from a first wave that boarded the ship. A second wave of troops tried to storm the ship after the four were taken below decks.

    The struggle to free Gaza from the ongoing siege is legitimate, but the provocation, the lying and the criticism against the Israeli action in that specific event, in uncalled-for.
    Personally, I am agents the siege, but not because humane or moral reasons. I just think it isn’t efficient.

    I’m not trying to justify all of Israel’s actions, but You must understand that These days, The
    state of Israel is in war with the Hamas (I’ll spare you the chain of events since the Israeli withdraw in 2005) . That’s why we don’t want to do business with the Hamas, and we do want to control what comes in the Gaza stip.

    As for today, the economy in the Gaza strip is bad, but there is no hunger or any humanitarian crises (they report so as well) . And still, I guess that Israel is the only country in the world daily providing her enemies with basic food supplies, water, electricity, Medicine, and hospital services.

    One more question: where is all the criticism towards Egypt? Like Israel: they are siegeing Gaza as well. unlike Israel: the hardly aloud any merchandise in


  2. Certainly didn’t see anything other than verbatim from the original article. If you’re on Israel’s side here, and I’ll take you on your word, I certainly appreciate it but it’s not clear at all from this post. I just noticed a question mark in the middle of your title – is that the clue?


    • your right im planning on another post telling the real Story this is the first Post iv’e thought about deleting


  3. You moron! You claim that Israeli commandos landed shooting discriminately at sleeping civilians, and the video of the actual incident clearly shows an armed mob pouncing with clubs and knives on each soldier as he landed. Your Jihad-fueled lies and fantasies are shot to hell by the video evidence.


    • umm silly boy i did not write this i posted to show the ridiculous anti semitism read before you comment i dont just post shit i agree with the whole point is the discussion


    • did i claim it? no… i posted that people claimed it


  4. Took you 20 minutes to delete my comment exposing your lying trash, you fascist thug. Can’t let the world know the truth about your knife and club-wielding “humanitarians”. “Sleeping civilians” my ass!


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