Is Debrahlee Lorenzana Too HOT To Work??? Fired From Citibank For Being Sexy…(PHOTO SLIDESHOW)

Is Debrahlee Lorenzana Too HOT to Work??? Fired From Citibank For Being Sexy…

Courtney Comstock
Jun. 2, 2010

Debrahlee Lorenzana is filing a lawsuit against Citibank because they fired her, she says, for the strangest reason: she’s too hot.

She’s 5’5”, 125 pounds and well, you’ve seen her photo.

“Where I’m from,” she told the Village Voice, “women dress up—like put on makeup and do their nails—to go to the supermarket… I was raised very Latin. We’re feminine. A woman in Puerto Rico takes care of herself.”

Her bosses told her that “as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly ‘too distracting’ for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear,” she says.

[Her two male] managers gave her a list of clothing items she would not be allowed to wear: turtlenecks, pencil skirts, and fitted suits. And three-inch heels.

From the Village Voice:

“As a result of her tall stature, coupled with her curvaceous figure,” her suit says, Lorenzana was told “she should not wear classic high-heeled business shoes, as this purportedly drew attention to her body in a manner that was upsetting to her easily distracted male managers.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Lorenzana told the Voice. “I said, You gotta be kidding me! I was like, Too distracting? For who? For you? My clients don’t seem to have any problem.”

As soon as Debrahlee started working at the Citibank branch in the Chrysler Building, she says, everyone there focused on her appearance.

She’s working together a lawsuit to charge the bank for creating a sexually discriminatory environment with a lawyer, Jack Tuckner, who agrees that she’s smoking hot, but thinks Debarah’s case should stand up well with a jury.

“It’s like saying that we can’t think anymore ’cause our penises are standing up—and we cannot think about you except in a sexual manner—and we can’t look at you without wanting to have sexual intercourse with you. And it’s up to you, gorgeous woman, to lessen your appeal so that we can focus!”

But he also bizarrely told Debarah that she should come to his place (his office) for a photo shoot, because she should have pictures of herself in more conservative clothing to use at her court case … and then (presumably) told her it was OK to take and let the Voice print the rest of the photos they have of her on their site.

Woman Says Citibank Fired Her Because She Was Too Hot

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  1. She one sexy ass bitch! Wow! I’d like to tap that! Her boobs are ginormus!


  2. American pig brute women don’t like real women….it makes them realize how fat, disgusting, and non feminine they have become.

    Im sure the complaints were not coming from her distracted male colleagues, but more likely from other females, who were feeling horrible about how they care for their own bodies, and have no feminine appeal or instinct.


  3. I have the same opinion to ctpatriot1970: keep being professional at workplace is better 🙂


  4. The firing of Lorenzana by the citibank shows the double standard of the West. This has been the crux of arguments by the religious minorities living in the west. Now the truth comes out in the case of Lorenza. Why not allow her to show off her revealing bosom if she wanted to. why restrict her on dresses. Why not she be provocative.

    A Muslim woman who wants to cover more will ask similar questions. Why not I cover as much as I wish to. why can not I be less provocative and less sexy? If the western countries are true to what they say about the fundamental rights, why interfere with the fundamental rights of Lorenza.In the same breathe why interfere with the fundamental rights of the Muslim women. It is sheer hypocrisy, bias, pretentious culture and open double standard. Even in the liberal West, it is an offence for women to go half naked. There are restrictions on dress even in Europe, is the contention of Muslims. The difference is only in degree when it comes to modesty.

    Absolute freedom is non-existent in any culture. Being social animals, men and women have animal magnetism and sex appeal. One can never deny the fact that when a young man looking at a woman revealing a major part of her firm, round, shapely and bulging breasts gets sexually excited and would have train of quite often lewd thoughts in his mind. Hence religious laws on dress code. The West judges one set of rules as barbaric simply because OF ALIEN CULTURE BASE and another set as liberation


  5. I’ve seen better at a Target checkout. Hire her back.


  6. If her employers gave her a list of inappropriate clothing for the work place. And she chose not to adhere to this. She should be fired. If I came to work everyday and did not adhere to the dress code of my job. I would probably be fired me too.
    Had they fired her without saying anything about her attire, then she may of had a case. But since they brought this to her attention. It was up to her to decide if she wished to remain employed or not. And it appears she decided against keeping her job.


    • The clothing that they have deemed “inappropriate” is typical office attire that, I would bet, other female employees of said bank have worn in the past and will wear in the future. I hope they’ve explained their new “dress code” to the other female employees at the bank, and that they would dismiss any other employee for the same reasons. Try telling Gramma McGee that she’s not allowed to wear her turtleneck sweater in the winter because it’s “too provocative” and “inappropriate”.


    • that’s a load of bullshit if i ever heard it….not allowed to wear a turtleneck, a pencil skirt, or a business suit? what is she supposed to wear? pants and baggy sweater? none of the items they forbade her to wear were in any way inappropriate for work. And there wasn’t even a dress code for everyone to follow. If another woman in the office was allowed to wear skirts, business suits, and turtlenecks to work, why should one woman be told otherwise. Are all men really that desperately immature and unable to manage the blood flow between their dicks and their brains?


    • I think she is just looking for $$$$$$$$. A company like this constantly follows proper procedure and has enough documents to fire someone……she is looking to make money and has choosen a bank that lately is always pick on . This case should be dismissed. She is getting what she wants attention and making us women look bad.


  7. I sincerely hope that this woman wins. How can she even be approached with bullshit like this. Her superiors didn’t even attempt to find fault with her work? They should be fired for being so stupid.
    The fact that a woman is beautiful and takes care of herself doesn’t conclude that her skull does not contain grey matter.
    Hopefully all the “dicks” in her office will see that she paid great attention to detail when she gets a big fat settlement and her job reinstated!


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