Soccer Goaltender Preston Burpo Injury GRAPHIC VIDEO: Breaks Leg During Collision with Dane Richard’s

Preston Burpo Injury VIDEO: Goalie Breaks Leg During Game
May 30, 2010

The New England Revolution picked up just their third win of the season – and first since April 10th – on Saturday night with a 3-2 result over the visiting New York Red Bulls. But the victory was overshadowed by a horrific injury suffered by Revs goalkeeper Preston Burpo, who had his right fibula broken in two places by a challenge from Dane Richards late in the first half.

The two players collided at the edge of the box while both going for the ball, with Burpo immediately calling for medical attention from the Gillette Stadium turf. After about five minutes, he was stretchered off the field, briefly raising his hand to acknowledge the crowd. Players from both sides looked to be in shock, including Burpo’s teammate Sainey Nyassi, who was seen breaking into tears.

“To be up close and see it happen and go by him and see how much pain he was in, I definitely shielded my eyes,” said Nyassi. “But I wanted to be strong for him and I didn’t want to leave him laying there by himself, so I just held onto his hand and told him to be strong. He’s a strong guy – and that’s all I tried to do.”

“You could see they were upset, players on both sides,” said Revolution head coach Steve Nicol. “They’ve done well, they’ve gathered themselves as quickly as they could, but they’re still upset – obviously, everybody is. But, unfortunately, there’s still a game to be played after that. So we just spoke at halftime that, you know, ‘Let’s get out and make sure we’re doing this for Preston.’ And that’s what they did.

Preston Burpo’s Leg Broken By Dane Richards

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  1. We have known Preston for 10 years. He coached our daughter and her team when he was with the Seattle Sounders. Preston,- Charley, Aleah, and I are praying for your complete recovery. You DESERVE to have the opportunty to play at your full potential. You are NOT done yet!!!

    You are being talked about back here in Seattle!

    With very warm and highest regards.

    S, C, and A


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