Was Gary Coleman Murdered by Abusive White Wife Shannon Price??? 911 Call (VIDEO)

Was Gary Coleman Murdered by Wife Shannon Price?

World Buzz.Net
Niño Yeh
Jun 3rd, 2010

There are rumors spreading that Gary Coleman was Murdered by Wife Shannon Price. After the release of his 911 tape, people are checking them out. A lot of people were shocked after the Death of Gary Coleman was announced in May 28, the reason of his death was due to intracranial Hemorrhage that he concurred after a fall that said to have split up the back of his head.

Could he have really fell? Hear out the 911 call of Gary Coleman. We will share the inputs on the Gary Coleman Murdered by Wife Shannon Price Rumors and speculations.

The Rumors came from a Member of Gary Coleman’s Extended family, she had a lot of question that surrounded his death. Have you hear the 911 call of Gary Coleman? For those who havent you can check it out here now. The Homicide thought is said to be a probability. Gary Coleman’s wife was Alone with him during the serious head injury. Gary Fell into a coma but was not yet dead.

With Shannon Price as the wife, decided right away to remove him of life support. Why did she do that when chance of survival is still possible? What do you guys think? wasGary Coleman Murdered by Wife Shannon Price? Hear out the 911 tape.

Gary Coleman Murdered by Wife Shannon Price


  1. Listen to the 12-15 seconds…she says I just saw (stop) I had my husband go blah blah and I’m upstairs ..she lied off the bat she almost messed up telling her story and corrected it right away …why is this woman free again?


  2. They need to make Shannon Price take a lie detector test. It is common knowlege around the town where they lived here in utah that she emotionally and physically abused Gary. She proposed to him shortly after meeting him, and made him sign a will less than a month after they were married. (it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out) she has also stated she never wanted to be “known” as Gary’s wife….but now that he’s dead she does. She is a manipulator, she is self centered, and has no emotion after he dies. You can tell in her interviews she is detached from any emotion. I hope the court can see through this callas person and wont allow her to get a dime of Gary’s money or allow her to make any arrangements for the funeral. She started selling his things on ebay shortly after they were married. Poor Gary was just lonely and grasping on to someone. She has no conscience.


  3. I listened to the 911 call and couple of her interviews, she keeps telling everyone about her health problems. Who cares about your self absorbed health issues, your husband is in serious trouble and you want to make discussion about your problems with the 911 operator. I think this lady is only concerned about herself and needs to take all that money she is making from photos and interviews for some mental help.


  4. The 911 folks here in Fl. Years ago made as in if you do not give CPR to that dead guy you could be held liable.

    This woman, is at least liable for manslaughter. Without a doubt. And I feel she is responsible for the accident also.


    • I meant, they made the person calling to report the death of our friend do CPR on him and he was cold as in rigamortis was already set. Sorry.


  5. She beat him before ! And I ‘m almost certain that this was not an accident! This is a woman with a history of physical abuse. Shannon beat Gary before. And in this case it was fatal> Blood splatter on the floor, blood on the back of Gary’s leaving Gary incoherant and lethargic etc…… Clearly, this waas a very serious head injury and clearly, the wife (as she alls herself) doesen’t even want to offer her help in this video recording. She sounds like a mildly retarded psycho, yelling at a man who can’t even get up or hardly speak. Listen to her tone of voice. Is this a concerned caring individual or a cold ruthless bitch ? Shannon Price murdered Gary Coleman! I hope they have done a thorough autopsy and be able to determine blunt forced trauma to the head. I hope this bitch doesn’t get away with murder.


    • I think she hit him in the head. She was arrested before for hitting him. This is murder. I do not like blood either, I freak out. But if someone (anyone) needed my help to put pressure on a wound I would. I can not imagine not helping anyone especially a loved one who is bleeding. I would help them. And freak out later.
      This is not normal behavior. If blood makes her so sick she better never have children, who are always getting hurt. This women hit him , I am not feeling her story.
      PLEASE Police investigate this. It doesn’t add up. I can see falling and hitting the front of your head. But the back it a bit more difficult. Something is very wrong here. That women shows no emotion. And to shut him off after such a short time. And saying he be like Mahmid Alli. Alli is fine, he still feels and thinks. She is a evil women.


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