(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi Heckled By Far Left For Not Being Crazy Enough…Dem’s Beware Your Own!

Nancy Pelosi Heckled By “Supporters”

Rudi Stettner
June 8, 2010

They weren’t Tea Party activists. They were supporters of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who felt that their community activist constituency had been used and discarded. Pelosi is seen on video, patiently calling for calm like a substitute teacher on Valium. Some of the angrier hecklers reportedly started throwing things at Pelosi.

These are for the time being core supporters of Barack Obama. They are not right wing activists who can be demonized. If they decide that the Democrats and the Republicans are Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer, then that could spell big trouble for the Democrats in November.

Meanwhile, President Obama has essentially put BP in charge of the cleanup of the biggest (and getting bigger) oil spill in US history. If Bush did that, he would be roundly condemned for caving into big business. When Obama talks about “whose ass to kick” he sounds like a nun reading an action novel.

His boasting in an interview. When he boasts of having been down to Louisiana “a month ago” Since the explosion that initiated the massive oil leak took place almost 7 weeks ago, Obama makes himself look sluggish in his response. He comes across as a man who can not distinguish appearance from substance.

There is nothing wrong with a social safety net to help America’s poor and its struggling citizens. But a healthy private sector is the engine of compassion. It is an engine that must be fine tuned and not overly burdened.

Obama and Pelosi are losing the moderate majority who believed in the soaring rhetoric of the campaign. They are also losing the radicals and the activists who felt that they were voting for a revolution.

Nancy Pelosi Heckled By “Supporters”

CtPatriot: Nancy Pelosi and the Rest Have Made a Deal With the “Progressive” Devil… They want Revolution Period, and They Think Obama and Pelosi Are moving too Slow… I say, ” Let them Kill Themselves Like the Savages That Are”…

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  1. Hecklers not shown, wonder what race, ethnicity and political background they are?


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