Gary Colemans Shocking Death Bed Photo, (REAL PHOTOS) Ex-Wife Shannon Price Got 10K???

Globe Magazine publishes shocking deathbed photo of Gary Coleman

by Meena Hartenstein
June 9th 2010

In yet another tragic twist in the saga of late former child star Gary Coleman, a shocking photo of the actor on his deathbed was released today on the cover of Globe Magazine with the splashy headline ‘IT WAS MURDER.’

As Coleman lies inert with eyes closed in the photo, bandaged and breathing from tubes, his ex-wife Shannon Price stands by his side looking directly into the camera. Price made headlines this week after rumors circulated that she had tried to profit by marketing other photos of Coleman.

Dion Mial, Coleman’s longtime friend, former manager and executor of a 1999 copy of his will, has accused Price of selling the deathbed photo to the Globe. He labeled it an “ongoing desperate attempt” to capitalize from the tragedy, reports CNN.

Price’s rep did not deny Mial’s accusation but did release a statement saying Price needed money because she had helped Mial pay for a lawyer.

American Media, the Globe’s parent company, admitted it did buy the photo, which is purported to be the last one ever taken of the ill-fated actor. Spokesperson Samantha Trenk, however, would not confirm what was paid for the image or who sold it, according to

Globe Magazine publishes shocking deathbed photo of Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman Was Murdered!

Globe Magazine

It’s the story and pictures all America is talking about! Sitcom legend Gary Coleman was the victim of shocking foul play, a top investigator says after examining blood splatter evidence found at the pint-sized actor’s Utah home after he was discovered lying on the kitchen floor with a gaping head wound.

Find out why the CSI analyst insists the Diff’rent Strokes star was murdered – and see the surprising last photos of bandaged Coleman and his ex-wife Shannon Price taken in his hospital room just hours before his tragic death. Only in GLOBE!

CtPatriot: I Hope This Woman Pays For This… It’s Sickening


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  2. that bitch killed him all that bitch wanted was some fucking money all i got too say to dat hoe is bitch let me catch u slippn hoe


  3. Poor Gary he was such a sweet man the public pushed him to sadness and he became lonely ,he thought he had found the woman of his dreams and now he is dead no thanks to her She let him die she clames she loved him NOT !! If shannon did this and there is foul play she needs to pay .


  4. I feel that the life support was hastily removed I think he should have been given more time to recover.Hie ex wife was too fast to remove the life support she didnt give Gary a chance to possiably recover .Now she is making money on this poor dead mans fame how dare her ! she shouldnt show her face in public she makes me sick .And its odd that she states I didnt push him when no one even asked her I hope thay do a thorough investigation and a second autuosy .This girl is dirty she is asking for money from Garys fans to pay funeral cost well I guess she can pay for it with her SICK DEATH PHOTOS e should be so ashamed.


  5. This very disturbed woman beat Gary before! I really don’t believe that he fell at all! I think he was hit so hard in the back of his head and as a result could of fallen . She didn’t even help him while he laid in his own blood. The plug was pulled prematurely because if Gary would have regained consciousness he would of told what she did to him . She made sure that didn’t happen.


    • I totaly agree with you this girl took her time and let him die she stated she could get sick if she helped him OH WELL this dumb bimbo dosnt `care for anyone but herself and no she shouldnt get a dime !


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