(GRAPHIC PHOTOS) Joran Van Der Sloot Murder Scene Photos…Stefany Flores Was Gay, Killed For $$$

Stefany Flores Was Gay, Van Der Sloot Targeted Her For Poker Winnings, Says National Enquirer

9 June 2010
By Cindy Casares

The National Enquirer has unearthed all sorts of interesting facts about the night that Joran van der Sloot met and murdered his victim, 21 year-old Peruvian Stefany Flores. According to a private investigator for the family of Natalee Holloway, Van der Sloot was in Peru using money he extorted from the Holloway family days before.

Joran contacted a family rep by email and offered to reveal the location of Natalee’s body for $250, 000. The FBI set up a sting in a hotel room in Aruba on May 10, and after Joran was given a $10, 000 cash down payment by the Holloway rep, he flew to Colombia and then Peru. Another $15, 000 was wired for him to a bank account in Holland.

The story goes on to say that Joran quickly gambled away all his money and, by the time he met Stefany at the Atlantic City Casino in Lima on May 30, he’d been spending his days in the seedy, $36 a night hotel room where Stefany’s body was found, watching porn and lamenting his inability to pick up Peruvian women. That’s when he saw Stefany come into the casino and win “a lot of money” in a 3:30 AM, Texas Hold ‘Em tournament.

While there, police think Flores refused Van der Sloot’s sexual advances, explaining she was gay, so they slept until about 8 AM when Van der Sloot went out for coffee.

He’s seen on surveillance video going to the store at 8:15 AM. He returned with a loaf of bread and two cups of coffee. It’s then that police believe Van der Sloot asked Flores for money, possibly to compete in a major poker tournament scheduled a few days later. When Flores refused, police believe, Van der Sloot exploded, beating her to death with his hands and a tennis racket. Traces of his skin were found under her fingernails, proving she fought him with scratches.

At 8:45 AM on May 30, Van der Sloot is seen on surveillance video leaving his hotel room in a change of clothes and with his hair shorter and lighter than the night before. He left the hotel in Flores’ Jeep. Her body was not found for three days. Since Van der Sloot had left the television on very loud, housekeeping had not tried to enter his room. When a call was put through to the room three days later, and no one answered, the front desk employee went into the room and found the room covered in blood and Stefany’s body wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in the corner between the bed and the wall.

Stefany Flores Was Gay, Van Der Sloot Targeted Her For Poker Winnings, Says Enquirer


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  3. Regardless of how you feel about joran personally, to brand him a “serial killer” without having ANY proof is ludicrous! He was never arrested or charged with Natalee Holloway’s disappearance.. in fact there was NO EVIDENCE that he had anything to do with it which is WHY he was never charged to begin with. The ONLY person he was found guilty of murdering is Stephany Flores… so until you can come up with undeniable proof (undoctored photos or videos) of joran murdering anyone (mind you, there was NEVER photos or video fo him murdering stephany either!) then hold your tongue and keep your venomous posts to yourself. Joran had said his defense lawyer in peru urged him to confess to the murder of stephany because it would get him a lighter sentence.. so MAYBE.. just MAYBE its joran who’s the victim here!


  4. Alla Lee Pideraso Moscow problyad


  5. I honestly believe that dutch boy killed other women besides Natalie Holloway and Stephanie Flores. The jawbone found in Aruba isn’t Natalie’s but it is from a young caucasion female according to forensic experts. He traveled to other countries and women were easy prey for him… or so he thought, until he got caught with Stephanie Flores, but how many times did he get away with murder ? That we don’t know of ? We’re dealing with a socialpathic serial killer . I hope this monster never gets out of prison…..alive!…. because he will kill again.


  6. I would LOVE to study him but that will never happen.SO, I hope he gets life, not the death penalty. However, I would like to see him get brutally tortured and killed on the 11th month of his almost 25th year in prison. Death penalty would be too easy for him… THAT PIECE OF SHIT NEEDS TO SUFFER!!! ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARD!!!!

    My thoughts & prayers to both the Holloway & Flores families. May the Holloway`s get some closure soon!


  7. While he is where he belongs, responsibility also should go to his parents for his upbringing…he was not born this way. His father is dead so his mother should step up, offer to reveal all in a book and donate all the proceeds to Natalee Holloway’s family for their years of torment (perhaps also Flores family although they are well off and they know where their daughter is). If Anita van der Sloot wants people to not think SHE is a monster, she should do the right thing for his victims, not her son…


    • What ever. There are plenty of people that have bad upbringings that turn out just fine. Why blame the mother? How is this her fault at all? Her son is the monster….he made his bed now he can pay the price.


  8. I agree, certainly do not kill this beast


  9. We gave the world information 5 years ago and ever since that he was/is a dangerous personality, yet the media just wanted to make him a celebrity.
    This article is more of the same. Shame on Enquirer for posting photos of this victim that does nothing more then hurt her family further.
    God Bless the family of Stephanie Flores and Natalee Holloway.
    May Joran rot where he now sits.


    • I agree ! I feel he is much more than a serial murderer. I think he should be in hell and another part of me would love to see him studied. teach us what makes this kind of evil person. My personal opinion is he was taught much by his now diceased father, who I believe helped him with the cover up in the Holloway dissapearance. And where is his Mother in all this. I know that if my child was facing this I would be there , no matter if he/she were guilty or not.I think the mother should be questioned. And I think she knows much more than is being let on .


  10. I ‘m certain we’re dealing with a serial killer. I believe dutch boy killed more than just the two women. He liked to travel and murder is his obsession. I don’t think he has respect for women because he would refer to them as ” whores” or “bitches ” on too many occasions. Interpol should trace every country this murderer has been in and look for any unsolved murders of young women. Peru won’t cut him any slack like Aruba did. He is going to wish he was dead. This is a monster and I wish Peru would have he death penalty and do the world a huge favor by exterminating this psycho with no absolutely NO conscience whatsoever.


    • i saay dont kill him. make him wish he was dead…if they give him the death penalty he wont be here to realize how much of a monster he really is. Put him in the worst jail possible and make him wish he was never born. THAY WAY, not only will his life be hell but so will his life after death.


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