Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman VIDEO Interview & HOT PHOTO SLIDESHOW…

Who is Anna Chapman? Profile of the beautiful accused spy in Russian Secret Agent Ring

BY Sean Alfano AND Lauren Johnston
June 29th 2010

Anna Chapman’s story is unfolding like a plot straight out of a James Bond flick.

The beautiful 28-year-old divorcee who says she ran an online real estate company worth $2 million, was one of 11 accused Russian secret agents arrested by FBI agents.

Prosecutors say they were all part of a ring of old-school spies that answered to “Moscow Central”and lived deep undercover as ordinary suburbanites.

Chapman’s Facebook page, on which she also uses the Russian form of her name “Anya,”reveals a photo album of sexy profile pictures that could easily be headshots in a casting call to find the next Bond girl.

Chapman poses in a slinky animal print mini dress in one shot casually holding a cigarette, and a fiery form-fitting scarlett cocktail dress in several others.

The page appears to be still active – a friend posted a link to a Washington Post story detailing her arrest on Tuesday.

The “about me”section features this credo: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”

Five of the suspects, including Chapman, were arrested in New York. Chapman’s alleged missions, described in an 18-page court complaint, read like the pages of a spy thriller.

According to the document, she bought a cell phone under the alias “Irine Kustov” and the phony address “99 Fake Street.”

FBI agents found the Verizon phone contract and Motorola charger along with packaging for calling cards that can be used for international calls in a trash can after Chapman was arrested, according to the complaint.

The court document also details Chapman’s interactions with an undercover FBI agent who fed her instructions for preparing a fake passport to transfer to another female spy.

She was instructed to hold a magazine a certain way to signal the other spy to initiate contact.

Chapman is quoted in the complaint repeating back the following instructions: “Okay, tomorrow at 11, I am going to be sitting at one of the benches, she is going to ask me if she saw me in California. I am going to say no, it was in the Hamptons. I will take the documents, tell her to sign. I will hold the journal, this is how she will recognize me.”

She was arrested before the mission was carried out. Chapman appeared in Manhattan federal court on June 28, 2010 with four other alleged spies.

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“The evidence here is overwhelming. It is simple. It is strong,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Farbiarz the hearing.

“This is a Russian agent!” he said, gesturing dramatically at Chapman. Farbiarz went on to call her a “practiced deceiver”and an “extraordinary agent.”

The Russian government downplayed the arrests, calling the allegations “baseless and improper.”

Who is Anna Chapman? Profile of the beautiful accused spy in Russian secret agent ring


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  7. I wonder why the usa is making so big thing about this anna and ather russians they cougt. is the use who also sends spies around the world and even when they cupture an innocent peaple they torture line no ather mankind.


  8. bla bla bla Can you get off that really high horse ,thanks


  9. I am living in USA over 8 years. I consider USA my country. I love this country with all my heart, which gave me all things that mine didn’t: respect and dignity, many opportunities that I could not find in mine because of such bureaucracy, corruption and because these opportunities are only for those like Ana Chapman, who get to the top hiding their evil personal ambitions, without working honestly and hard.

    I feel indignity for this Russian girl, because I cannot imagine how some of these people can came to this beautiful and justified country, taking all benefits and advantages, doing damage. It’s embarrassing for a whole Russian nation that such people like Ana Chapman are representing Russians, among who are many honest people. It would be justified to give her a 30 years prison for spying. She is not any beauty. Among Russians are many really beautiful women. I cannot explain myself how this ugly Russian girl could even get to fame and luxury. This kind of people, lucking beauty, like ugly Ana Chapman, can get to the society top, using only prostitution, dirty and influential connections, but not own honest merits.

    I am not Russian but sometimes people are confusing us with Russians, even we aren’t. It is very sad that for one person is in charge and is pinpointed a whole nation. Ana Chapman, I wish you a long-term prison.


    • I wish All Immigrants were more like you…


    • Actually, she is very pretty. And the US is great, but every country has spies. And for a spy she didn’t do much damage. The US has spies practically everywhere and it would be foolish to think otherwise. I just hope you don’t petition for a US spy to be released from jail when they’re caught. That would be hypocritical.


    • Not like the US has spies around in other countries. They even used Poland and Romania to torture suspects


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