Fox New’s Glenn Beck Reveals: “I Could Be Blind Within A Year”…(VIDEO)

Glenn Beck: I Might Be Going Blind

Huffington Post
Jack Mirkinson

Glenn Beck said he has learned he could go blind within a year.

Speaking before a crowd of 6,000 on his “American Revival” tour in Salt Lake City on Saturday, the Fox News host tearfully told his audience that he had recently seen a doctor and received the grim news:

“A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor because of my eyes, I can’t focus my eyes…he did all kinds of tests and he said, ‘you have macular dystrophy …you could go blind in the next year. Or, you might not.’ I said, did you just charge me a thousand dollars for knowing what I knew my whole life?”

Beck didn’t miss an opportunity to take a shot at health care reform, saying, to laughter and applause, that “I went to the best doctor I could find, while I could still go to the best doctor I can find.”

Beck choked up again as he talked about the prospect of losing his sight, saying that even if he can deal with not being able to see his wife or children, because he already knows what they look like, he is scared about not being able to read — especially, as he put it, because “I thought to myself in that time, ‘I’m too darn lazy to learn Braille.'”

Macular dystrophy is a relatively rare genetic disorder that causes a progressive loss of vision.

Glenn Beck Blind ? Macular Degeneration
by siddef
Jul 19th, 2010

Glenn Beck revealed today he suffered from macular dystrophy, a condition that could leave the popular TV and radio host, blind! This has sparked a lot of searches surrounding the news, including more info on macular degeneration.

Beck announced his condition at Salt Lake City, during a presentation he had scheduled as part of his “America Revival Tour”. He decided to go and consult a doctor when he realized he couldn’t focus his eyes.

Macular dystrophy is a progressive eye disorder.

Now many people are remembering a show he made in 2006, in which he joked about blind people? Karma? You be the judge… This is what he joked back then:

“I work at Radio City in midtown Manhattan, and up by the doors, you know, like where the — you know — the office kitchen is, in Braille, on the wall, it says ‘kitchen.’ You’d have to — a blind person would have to be feeling all of the walls to find “kitchen.” Just to piss them off, I’m going to put in Braille on the coffee pot — I’m going to put, ‘Pot is hot.’ Ow!”

CtPatriot: I’ve Heard Much More Offensive Things From Progressives…They Just Can’t Handle Anyone who Doesn’t Blindly Follow…I Wish Beck The Best Of Luck with This…

Glenn Beck Blind (VIDEO)? Macular Degeneration


  1. You may have well heard more offensive things from Progressive; however, “stupid is, as stupid does”. I was read to give Glenn a swift kick in the rear for that dumb joke.

    It may well be that Glenn will discover his “blind” joke isn’t so funny and appreciate when someone is trying to help. It may well be that Glenn will discover that he has a more serious form of blindness that is far wors than what he’s going through now. I am speaking of spiritual blindness. There is a difference.


    • So what Can We Joke About in Life with Some Special Group Being offended? Oh Yeah White Men And Catholics… and Do you Think Barry Obama or G W Bush Have Any Spirituality?


      • *sniffing at the bait* 🙂

        I happen to be technically legally blind and hearing impaired. I had about 40+ years to deal with a wide range of “jokes”. Some were actually good, as they didn’t seek to tear a man down.

        Others were just plain *dumb*. That is all Glenn’s old joke was. Messing around with braille labels like Glenn suggested is not funny. One of these days, Glenn will come to appreciate those labels. Joeks like these are often funny, until you’re on the receiving end of it. Notice, I am talking about the actual carrying out of the joke. Sadly, there are people dumb enough to follow suit.

        As for the last bait about Obama & GW, I’m not sure of what zingers to give. I, for one was talking about Glenn Beck’s spiritual blindness and not these two.


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