Playmate Karissa Shannon’s Sex Tape w/ Sam Jones III: NSFW and SFW PHOTOS/TRAILERS…

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape: Trailer Is Out, Hits Stores Wednesday
Sept. 28, 2010

Karissa Shannon’s sex tape with her boyfriend Sam Jones III is out Wednesday, and has the SFW trailer.

Vivid Entertainment is releasing the former Playboy playmate’s sex tape, and the company’s executive, Steven Hirsch, is making a prediction similar to the one he made for Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape.

“It’s amazing how many fans each of them has and apparently they are very eager to see this movie,” he told x17. “Karissa Shannon Superstar will be one of our biggest sellers ever.”

Karissa and Sam are also recording an album together and bought a black Rolls Royce Phantom with their sex tape money, the website reports.

See NSFW photos from ‘Karissa Shannon Superstar’ here.

See  SFW photos from ‘Karissa Shannon Superstar’ here

Karissa also made a sex tape with Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt reportedly stole it

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape SFW Trailer

Karissa Shannon sex Tape NSFW Trailer

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