WARNING! GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Tiger Shark Caught With Sailor Judson Newton’s Body Still In Stomach…

Human Body Parts Found in Tiger Shark’s Stomach

***WARNING: The squeamish are advised not to scroll to the bottom of this post ***

Jennifer Viegas
Sept. 8, 2010

The legs, arms and severed torso of a person were all found inside the stomach of a tiger shark caught by sport fishermen last weekend, according to The Press Association, The Boston Herald, and numerous other reports.

Tiger sharks can swim over long distances, so it is not yet clear where the 12-foot-long shark consumed its human victim. Police are currently conducting DNA tests on the person’s remains, Assistant Police Commissioner Glenn Miller in Nassau, Bahamas, told AP.

At least two people were recently reported as being missing in the Bahamas, according to Miller, who isn’t ruling out any possible scenario just yet. For example, the person could have already been dead, and the shark may have just scavenged that individual’s remains. Miller said a boat on its way to Florida capsized, so the person on board that fateful vessel could have drowned before being discovered by the tiger shark.

Humphrey Simmons, an investment banker from the Bahamas, was one of the fisherman who hooked the tiger shark. Simmons said the remains clearly belonged to a man.

“He had neither clothes nor any identifying marks,” Simmons said.

Human Body Parts Found in Tiger Shark’s Stomach

Remains of Sailor Found in Shark Off ‘Jaws Beach’

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