(VIDEO) Desperate Rep. Barney Frank Sends “Pot Head” Boyfriend to Heckle Sean Bielat…

Sean Bielat heckled by Barney Frank’s “significant other” James Ready

October 17, 2010
by Allahpundit

Via Fleming and Hayes, who say two eyewitnesses at the scene recognized this guy as Frank’s boyfriend. Bielat’s campaign recognized him too and confirmed his identity when asked by Brian Faughnan.

Three possibilities for why the BF James Ready would do something this lame and embarrassing:

(1) The Frank campaign is increasingly nervous about the challenge from Bielat, especially considering that Bielat outraised him last quarter.

(2) The Frank campaign is prone to abrasive jackass behavior, mainly because it is, after all, run by Barney Frank. As Gay Patriot says, “You just can’t talk about this guy without laughing at his hypocrisy — and his arrogance.”

(3) Per Obama’s unified field theory for why bad things happen to good Democrats, the Frank campaign is in the grip of economic fear that causes it to do irrational things contrary to “facts and science and argument.” Feel free to choose all of the above, but number one is my favorite.

Doug Powers wonders what would have happened here had the roles been reversed and, say, Bielat’s wife been caught heckling Frank.

My guess: The single most fulsome “to what uncivil depths hath these wingnuts sunk now?” column ever written by Frank Rich. Alas, we’ll never get to read it. Exit question: Frank and Bielat have debated five times? Why would Frank sacrifice some of his advantage in name recognition by agreeing to that many forums? Sheer bravado?

Original Article…Sean Bielat heckled by Barney Frank’s “significant other”

The heckling consisted of Ready (allegedly) walking up to Bielat in mid-interview with a handful of reporters and insulting him.

The video starts after a someone seemingly requests some information, to which Bielat responds that “we can send you some.” The man alleged to be Ready fires back, “You gotta get used to it dude, if you’re gonna you want to be a congressman, this is nothing.”

Bielat: Yeah, but you’re with Barney, right.

Man: So.

Bielat: Just– that’s cool.

Man: [Inaudible]

Bielat: Sure is, at least if we can get the Congress back.

Man: Quit the jokes dude [inaudible] …funny at all

Bielat: Are you serious?

Man: That was not funny. You just tried two jokes and they weren’t even funny.

Bielat: You’re really standing here and heckling me? Is that really what you’re doing?

Man: You started talking to me first.

Bielat: You guys believe this?

The website flemingandhayes.com, which posted the video, says it received confirmation from two eyewitnesses that the man is Ready.

CtPatriot: Barney Frank Helped Cause The Economic Collapse … He Does Not Deserve to Be Re-Elected!

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