(VIDEO) Rand Paul Blasts “Disgraceful” Jack Conway In Debate, Tells Dem. To “Be A Man!”…

Defiant Rand Paul Slams “Disgraceful” Opponent In Kentucky Debate

Refuses to shake Conway’s hand after Democrat’s repeated smear attempts

Steve Watson
Monday, Oct 18th, 2010

Defiant Rand Paul Slams Disgraceful Opponent In Kentucky Debate 181010randWould be Kentucky Senator Rand Paul refused to shake the hand of his opponent last night in response to a new campaign ad that Democrat Jack Conway is running, repeating already thoroughly debunked lies in an attempt to smear the Tea Party favourite.

“Jack, have you no decency? Have you no shame?” Paul asked Conway during the opening minutes of the penultimate debate between Kentucky’s two U.S. Senate rivals.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You should apologize.” Paul asserted.

Paul was referring to an ad that began airing Friday night in which Conway suggests, for a second time, that Paul used to be a member of a secret brotherhood that mocked Christianity.

The ad also alleges, for a second time, that while at Baylor University some 30 years ago, Paul had tied up a woman and forced her to bow down to a god named “Aqua Buddha.”

The ridiculous suggestions, which were first given press in August by GQ magazine, The Washington Post and Politico.com, were proven completely false when the “anonymous” woman later admitted to the Washington Post that “the whole thing has been blown out of proportion” by the media, revealing the incident to be nothing more than harmless tomfoolery she had willingly engaged in.

Nevertheless, this has not prevented Conway from repeating the allegations in his latest ad, as well as during Sunday night’s debate at the University of Louisville.

Paul described Conway’s actions as “a disgrace” that have caused the race to descend “into the gutter”, adding that Conway should be disqualified from the contest, to be decided November 2nd.

“I will not be associated with someone who attacks my religion.” Paul added, explaining why he would not be shaking Conway’s hand after the debate.

“Those who stoop to the level of attacking a man’s religious beliefs to gain higher office, I believe that they should remember that it does not profit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul in the process,” Paul said, quoting scripture.

“This election will be about the future of America, who has the best vision. We will try to keep the debate on a higher tone,” Paul said. “I hope you will leave my church, my family and my religion out of it.”

At the conclusion of the debate, Paul exited to thunderous applause, without offering his hand to Conway or making eye contact with his opponent.

Original Article…Defiant Rand Paul Slams “Disgraceful” Opponent In Kentucky Debate

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