(VIDEO) Sacha Baron Cohen SUED: ‘Bruno’ Film Crew Bash Gay Cameraman at Prop 8 Rally…

Sacha Baron Cohen Still Paying for Brüno’s Gay Marriage Stunt

Natalie Finn

It’s old news that Sacha Baron Cohen has offended people over the years with his Borat and Brüno characters.

But a cameraman who encountered Cohen’s fey fashionista at a Prop 8 demonstration back in 2008 claims that the Brüno crew had him fearing for his life.

Mike Skiff is suing Cohen for assault, battery and inciting a riot, claiming that he was shooting footage of an L.A. event that included folks who were both for and against legalizing gay marriage, when along came so-called Brüno Productions—members of whom were toting “Yes on 8” (no on legalization) signs “to promote violent discord between the assembled ‘yes’ and ‘no’ factions,” Skiff’s lawsuit states.

View the lawsuit

With the production crew looking to make a scene, Skiff alleges that he was “shoved, pulled and wrestled in a vicious and blatant attempt” to keep him from filming the event, all the while fearing that he would be “clubbed with wooden signs.”

Skiff further claims in court documents filed today that, as a gay man, he has the right to go about his business free from violence and intimidation directed at his sexual orientation.

Original Article…Sacha Baron Cohen Still Paying for Brüno’s Gay Marriage Stunt

Skiff posted video on YouTube, which you can view below. Cohen appears around the 5:25 mark.

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