Did ‘Storm Chaser’ Star Matt Hughes Die Of Complications From Suicide Attempt? (PHOTOS-VIDEO)

Remembering Storm Chaser Matt Hughes – What Happened?

by SunnyChanel
November 4th, 2010

When you think of someone being a professional storm chaser, you probably think of the danger and risk of life and limb involved in getting so close to tornados and hurricanes. But Storm Chaser Matt Hughes wasn’t the victim of mother nature when he passed away on May 26th. What happened to the team member featured on the National Geographic Show?

According to rumors and online reports, the thirty year old died from complications from an attempted suicide attempt. No conclusive motive for his death was released. But the saddest thing is that he left behind a wife Kendra and two sons, Hunter and Collin.

On Wednesday’s night episode of Storm Chasers they paid tribute to Matt Hughes in the episode named “Dedication.” And there is a fund set up for his two young sons right here. – http://www.CozineMemorial.com

original Article…Remembering Storm Chaser Matt Hughes – What Happened?

Matt Hughes Tribute

Nov. 4, 2010

Matt Hughes, a featured meteorologist on Storm Chasers passed away on May 26th, 2010 in Wichita, Kansas due to an injury unrelated to his chasing activities. Sean, Reed, Tim and everyone involved in Storm Chasers mourn the loss of their friend and colleague. Next Wednesday at 10pm, a special Storm Chasers episode called “Dedication” will feature Matt’s incredible last chase, and is dedicated to his memory.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Matt’s family, and we ask fans to kindly respect their privacy. A special memorial fund has been established to benefit Matt’s two young sons. Donations can be made to:

Matthew John Hughes Memorial Fund
c/o Intrust Bank
142 North Ash
Valley Center, Kansas 67147

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  4. Myself and my husband just wanted to express our sorrow for the loss of such a wonderfully brave individual. No matter what we had going on in our lives, we always took the time out of our busy schedule to watch StormChaser’s. It always cherred us up, because Matt always had to have a ready smile on hand. He will be greatly missed, and his family and friends will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Bless you and yours, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Walker
    Billingsley, Al.


  5. god bless matt and his family. Matt loved his wife and kids dearly and by know means did he want to hurt them. But when your depressed you have this black cloud that follows you everywhere no matter what you do it gets heavier and thicker. He knew he had alot of positive things in his life. But when your that upset u see more of the bad and the negitve gets bigger and bigger where it over powers the good. This is when you think of how to do it. Once you decide you feel differnt like a sence of peace. Matt had already mad that decision. Before the show and that is why he was so happy and excited he knew this was his last one. The last thing matt wanted to do was hurt his family, friends, coworkers. He just didnt think there was another way to get rid of the black cloud that follows. It’s so heavy and thick. Please for all those people who was blessed to have never of had this cloud. Plese understand sometimes it seems like theres no other way. For all the ones who know the cloud you are not alone out there and even though the negitive is sooo strong beat it fight it. U are needed and what helped me was I realised ( It is what it is) stand in the mirror and scream real loud ( F— It) Im gonna beat this the cloud will start to fade not right away but the problems that was huge are not gonna be as big any more. God bless everyone matt is at peace. Matt’s family it wasnt your falt and you did all you could do it doesnt make sence and the the answer to WHY is he couldnt fight the “BLACK CLOUD” anymore. Matt lives on through his kids. keep the memories of the good times alive and understand he wasnt trying to hurt anyone.


  6. It would have been better for all if Hughes’ death had been attributed to undisclosed causes. That would have been understood as respecting privacy. Without all the information people assume the worst. They think he probably committed suicide and had been suffering for years with mental depression and had been on antidepressants or had been on them thus re-igniting the controversy of whether they are actually safe or not. It’s estimated that 42,000 people who were taking or had been taking psychiatric drugs die each year. Hugh’s death would be one more. The psychiatric pharmaceutical industry complains that not enough people have been diagnosed with depression. But how many people are still alive for not having been forced or coerced onto these dangerous drugs? The industry doesn’t care. The practitioner walks away and prescribes more psych drugs to people not fully informed about the dangers of taking them.


  7. […] According to rumors and online reports, the thirty year old died from complications from an attempted suicide attempt. No conclusive motive for his death was released. But the saddest thing is that he left behind a wife Kendra and two sons, Hunter and Collin. Did ‘Storm Chaser’ Star Matt Hughes Die Of Complications From Suicide Attempt? (PHOTOS-V… […]


  8. Matt Hughes was a meteorologist. He was attached with Discovery Channel series “Storm Chasers”. He was at the age of 30. His unfortunate death is a shock to whole storm chaser community as well as discovery channel. The cause of his death is the injury from a failed suicide attempt.


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